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#576 God Bless America & John L. Lewis

Wheelbarrow Splay.  The two handles are the Uranus-Mars conjunction in the First House, a personal militancy towards all “others” while the other hand is the Saturn in the third — his strong allegiance to the Brotherhood of Miners.

An interesting note is his North Node in the Ninth House of Political Philosophy is exact the Fixed Star Regulus, and when John L. spoke, the earth shook and miner’s walked out. aka the Great Takeover by the FDR who tried to nationalize the Mines in 1935, and Lewis, a lifelong Republican, led his men into a strike.  Stymied, Roosevelt passed the first federal anti-strike bill giving the President power to penalize strikers or draft them into government service. It took another 50 years, but Roosevelt got his wish and all of the Coal Companies closed up, their Union Men lost their jobs as steel and coal went overseas.  

The War on Coal continues today as it does against Shale and anything else that could propel America into self-sufficiency, but at least there was a time when one man could stop the governmental of power and force their hand in showing their thuggery.

As his men would say, “God Bless America and John L. Lewis.”

john L. lewis

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