Blue Max: Hermann W. Goring

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Goring was a spoiled rich kid who was an ace flyer in Germany’s First World War.  He was fast acting,  reactive fighter pilot  (Venus and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius – Capricorn) with good stamina and physical courage.


How this plays out as Reichsmarshal is another thing:  Saturn in Libra shows he was a loyal soldier and very ambitious.  The high amount of Cardinality in his chart encouraged him to believe he was superior to other men particularly as he enjoyed battles of physical prowess against them (Saturn at 12.44 Libra to Aries 16.52 Jupiter and Mars 09.57) for position (as well as Pluto and Neptune in the Seventh House).

But a General must do more than be intimidating and powerful, he must plan and develop long-range goals, and there General Goring was out of his depth with North Node in the Fifth House of Creativity squared his Mercury.  What he knew and experiences (Second House of Resources) he knew cold, but going beyond that was problematic, the North Node limited how much he could think of out of the box or on land (no planets in the Ninth or Third Houses).

In short, Goring’s chart highlights how much he was a bully, and here his Ascendant at 28 Scorpio which was at the time of his birth and life conjunct the Fixed Star of Bungula, sums it all up:  it bestows positions of public honor and power through hard work but causes difficulty in relationships. It gives the native skill and physical endurance but on the other hand, inclines one to excess.   The opposition to Pluto helped there but that Square to the Part of Fortune blinded him to the outcome.

He was due to be hanged on the conviction of war crimes and crimes against humanity from the Nuremberg Trials and when his request to die like a soldier and shot was denied, committed suicide with a  potassium cyanide capsule that he hid in his skin care cream.





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