On the Thames: Rotherhithe Murder

rotherhithe murder noteInkedrotherhithe england_LI.jpg

On a modern note, Black Moon Lilith is in the Eighth House of sexual adventure for the accident chart and opposite Neptune in the second house.  It would seem that money interchange was the issue for the murderer and he felt he had to strike out against such behaviour – sextile the stellium in the fourth house (her walking her beat) and fifth house ending with violent Mars semi-sextile the Part of Fortune in the sixth House at 28 Leo conjunct Fixed Square Al-Talhah (here portending violence) &  square Neptune 12 Gemini (ruling seaman)  and Pluto (erratic or crazy behaviour).

Most interesting though is how the Astrologer’s Magazine noted how the death was met by the house and planets separation.

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