HMS Victoria and Battleship Camperdown meet in Tripoli

This is a historical chart from Alan Leo’s “Modern Astrology: the Astrologer’s Magazine.”

The Ascendant is at 15 Scorpio and ruler of Scorpio is Mars and now also Pluto. Pluto was still an asteroid in Leo’s time having not been discovered for another 35 years. It carries the symbol of “Carefulness” or as E. C. Chambers says when afflicted as it is here in opposition of “Carelessness.”

It is also conjunct that Wildman of the zodiac, Uranus at 07 Scorpio (keyword Strong in Opposition) and is opposite Jupiter right on the Seventh House of Other People and Labour (this being a mundane and not natal even) at 21 Taurus (keyword Fame or Notoriety however the case maybe).

In that Seventh House lo and behold is Pluto at 10 Gemini square the Part of the Fortune of the chart at 03 Pisces (Resignation) in the Fourth House , or the living conditions of the house or ship… An angle to the cusp of the Fourth House in Mundane situations often denotes inclement weather says Celeste Teal. That does not seem to be the case here, but instead it was attributed to poor judgement in the distance between ships (Jupiter over estimation squared (blindsided) to the Part of Fortune in 4th House of Ships and Houses).

On Chambers notes, and here’s something is on our Jacqueline Nourritt. He mentions her Moon is also in Pisces 03 – must have been musical prodigy. Serendipity!

Read news report it here from the Old Grey lady  109702532.pdf