Will the right Trump birth time please stand up?

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Click here for the Official Donald J. Trump birth certificate from The Jamaica Hospital, Jamaica, Borough of Queens in the city of New York, New York.

Which of course begs the question how does one rectify that?  The answer, unfortunately, is a sticky wicket.

Many think that birth time is when the head is shown “crowning.”  Others and my good friend CNRP (certified nurse practitioner) say that it does not work because until the baby cries it could be stillborn and so crowning, she argues is only good after the fact.  If we use Ms. Evans definition, how could we be right with 9:49 AM when the certificate plainly states 10:54?


Loire River Valley, Loire France


Let’s tackle the hour difference first.

That is obviously the Daylight Savings Time issue.  New York State required prior to 2004 that all time be recorded in Standard Time but we do not know if out in Jamaica the nurses were that up to snuff that they just did not look at their watch, which was obviously in DST and write that down.  Unfortunately, Doris Chase Doane and Robert Jansky, both who books on the correct time, admit that this error happens more often than not.  So removing the DST issue we are now five minutes early.

How to explain that one?

To answer frankly beats me.  We do not know that answer, only know, that a series of errors could have happened, the nurse misremembered or she wrote down the time when she was noting the certificate which was in DST as we already noted,  or, and this is my personal answer: (Eine mysterion as the Greeks say)  It’s a mystery and that’s why we use astrologers to rectify our recorded birth time to get our true map, something that birth certificates, nurses, and doctors do not know but which we are learned in the arcane arts can only approximate.

Jamaica Bay, Queens — the bridge goes to Rockaway and not to Jamaica


I can give another example in the same vein.

A friend of ours, Loir, was never happy with her chart, always picking and delving into it tearing it apart, asking everyone she met to divine it because it never described her and she felt totally inadequate.  So she got a copy of the birth certificate from the hospital, having never had one figuring that was the problem.  She used that time which was 17:39.   Loir was still unhappy.

For her birthday last March, I decided to rectify Loir’s chart, and voila, the time on the birth certificate did not match. I got 17:44.  I sent it to her as a gift.  She read it and for the first time, her symbols clicked, her progressions worked, her relationship with her husband Kieran made sense (previously they had no aspects in common, now she had her Midheaven to his Ascendant) and she was happy.  Why should this be so?  Eine mysterion.


Jamaica Hospital, Jamaica Queens



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