Interactive Intro Uranian Astrology

We are sending out this note on Uranian Astrology for those interested.  Sabian Earth has no financial interest in this endeavour at all.

This class is for intermediate astrology students and professional astrologers, who already proficient in either Western or Vedic systems, but are interested in expanding their horizons in the  Uranian System of Astrology (also called Hamburg School or Symmetrical Astrology and Cosmobiology).
In this class, you will learn how to use the Uranian Dialwith precise midpoint structures, the TNPs (Trans Neptunian Planets),  why we use only hard aspects, and how to use planetary pictures.
What is wonderful, is that Uranian Astrology will produce almost the same dials and results for either Vedic or Western practitioners and so uniting us in the cosmic sphere.
The group size is limited from 3 to 7. This will be an interactive class where we can get to know each other, share out charts and life stories and how they validate us.
The price of the class (6x 1.5 hours) is $60.00 USD.   Besides the class, you will receive both your tropical (Western) and sidereal (Vedic) charts in a circle i.e. ‘mandala’ format with your Eight Trans Neptunians depicted. Later in the class you will receive a 90° Uranian dial layout.

Thank you,

Dr. Szilvia Solyom


Please contact me at with further questions. Right now I am soliticing interest — I will announce the start date after I get interest from a few prospective students so I know what time frame works best.
 I am also currently available for  Private Lessons as well.  It will follow the same format as the group but be individually based.   Please contact me at the same email address noting in the subject line your preference: Class or Group.  You can read more on my facebook page here.

                              Indian Region Students

Those who enroll from the Indian region will get an additional FREE 20-minute class after the first class when I cover how to switch from the Northern or Southern Indian box chart to the circle format. The classes will be devoid of religious remedies, & gems. It is focused purely on technique and self-work.