Astronomically: The week of July 3rd 2017

Sunday July 2, 2017
  • Mercury enters sidereal Cancer 4:30AM EDT,
  • Venus quincunx Cupido 5:32AM EDT,
  • Mercury quincunx Saturn 7:29AM EDT,
  • Mars opposes Pluto 8:02AM EDT,
  • sun opposes Juno 9:12AM EDT,
  • Mercury square Eris 2:25PM EDT,
  • Saturn trine Vesta 4:11PM EDT,
  • Mercury parallel Mars 4:20PM EDTMonday July 3, 2017
  • Mercury parallel Kronos 00:13AM EDT,
  • sun parallel Mercury 9:49AM EDT,
  • Venus sextile Chiron 7:14PM EDT,
  • Mercury quincunx south node 11:11PM EDT
    • and sextile Sedna 11:24PM EDT,
  • Mars parallel Kronos 11:39PM EDTTuesday July 4, 2017
  •  Mercury contra-parallel Cupido 2:39AM EDT
    • and quincunx Cupido 7:10AM EDT,
  • Venus sextile Vulcanus 11:37AM EDT,
  • Venus enters tropical Gemini 8:11PM EDT,
  • Mercury parallel Hades 8:50PM EDT
    • and square Uranus 8:51PM EDTWednesday July 5, 2017
  • Jupiter quincunx Neptune 00:18AM EDT,
  • Mercury trine Chiron 5:32AM EDT,
  • Venus contra-parallel Astraea
    • and conjunct Admetos 6:25AM EDT,
  • Venus parallel Vesta 10:11AM EDT
    • and quincunx Apollon 10:49AM EDT,
  • Mercury conjunct Vulcanus 3:26PM EDT,
  • Venus square Transpluto 6:54PM EDT,
  • sun trine Neptune 8:45PM EDT,
  • Mercury contra-parallel Saturn 8:51PM EDT

Thursday July 6, 2017

  • Uranus sextile Ceres 1:06AM EDT,
  • Mercury sextile Admetos 2:33AM EDT,
  • sun contra-parallel Cupido 4:53AM EDT,
  • Mercury square Apollon 5:02AM EDT,
  • Vesta enters sidereal Leo 2:39PM EDT

Friday July 7, 2017

  • Mercury contra-parallel Pluto 00:10AM EDT
    • and sextile Venus 9:18AM EDT,
  • Mercury square Pallas 12:56PM EDT
    • and sextile Selena 1:11PM EDT,
  • Venus conjunct Selena 3:58PM EDT

Saturday July 8, 2017

  • Mars contra-parallel Cupido 4:36AM EDT,
  • Mercury parallel Selena 9:02AM EDT,
  • sun parallel Hades 9:39PM EDT

Sunday July 9, 2017

  •  Mars quincunx Saturn 6:08AM EDT,
  • Mercury quincunx Hygeia 9:20AM EDT,
  • sun square Zeus 9:38AM EDT,
  • Mercury parallel Admetos 10:46AM EDT
    •  and parallel Vulcanus 12:44PM EDT

This might be a more stressful than normal week starting with Sunday with people reaching their limit quicker than normal with other people or things (holiday traffic?) Try as much as possible to take a breath and think before you act.  If things are going slowly, turn up the radio and enjoy the summer weather.
Whatever you do, acting on stressed emotion often leads to future regret. So look for the sunny-side of life…Hit it Frank.  It will be your saving grace until the air signs come back into stronger play assuming those are not stressful points  in your personal chart.