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Month: July 2017

DJT and his Mother, Mary Anne MacLeod Trump

Many great men have attributed their success to the positive influence of their mothers, we previously did an astrological review on Mrs. Trump.  What Abraham Lincoln said about his mother […]

The week of July 24 2017 in Beantown

Sunday July 23, 2017 Mercury square Sedna 00:24AM EDT  and trine Cupido 2:38AM EDT, sun sextile Admetos 3:22AM EDT and square Apollon 3:54AM EDT, New Moon 5:45AM EDT at 0°Le44′, Venus parallel Selene 8:05PM EDT Monday, July […]

Venus as Inanna at the Fourth Gate

Venus is descending deeper into the underworld and will enter the Fourth Gate at 7:39 AM EDT, July, 20, 2017. A Recap of the Myth of Inanna The Sumerian myth […]

#752 Diva Adelina Patti

In the second half of the 19th century Adelina Patti was probably the best operatic soprano of the day. She was peerless. Audiences flocked to see and hear her from […]

Astronomically: The Week of July 17 2017

Sunday July 16, 2017 Apollon stations direct 00:28AM EDT, sun square Eris 1:05AM EDT, Mercury sextile Zeus 9:12AM EDT and quincunx Pluto 3:50PM EDT Monday July 17, 2017 Venus square […]

How do i love thee? #140 Elizabeth Barrett Browning

                                HOW DO I LOVE THEE? (From Sonnets from the Portuguese) by Elizabeth Barrett Browning          HOW do I love thee? Let me count the ways.          I love […]

#227 Blithe Spirit: Noel Coward

Playwright Noel Coward is also a See-Saw, and his chart looks more what we are accustomed to seeing:  three opposing planets in the Eighth House against five in the Second.  His chart also […]

Reviewing DJT’s scores with Aureas

This was a very interesting piece of research which I have been mulling over for a few days that does raise a few questions, in particular, the challenge of understanding […]

RIP: Donna Cunningham

Astrologer Noel Tyl has announced on his eponymous website, that astrologer Donna Cunningham has reposed. He gave her details on July 5, 1942, at 7:40 in Onawa, Iowa, a town […]

#576 God Bless America & John L. Lewis

Wheelbarrow Splay.  The two handles are the Uranus-Mars conjunction in the First House, a personal militancy towards all “others” while the other hand is the Saturn in the third — […]

#399 Blue Max: Hermann W. Goering

Göring was an ace flyer in Germany’s First World War.  He was fast acting,  reactive fighter pilot  (Venus and Mercury conjunct in Sagittarius – Capricorn) with good stamina and physical […]

On the Thames: Rotherhithe Murder

On a modern note, Black Moon Lilith is in the Eighth House of sexual adventure for the accident chart and opposite Neptune in the second house.  It would seem that […]