#727 Nourritt, Jacqueline Pianist

We have information on Jacqueline Nourritt #727 in the Jones 1000, but it cannot corroborate it. We will probably add her into our database nevertheless but we would appreciate it if someone can confirm her existence.    July 1, 2017


Updated:  E.C. Chambers in his magnificent book Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed published originally 1923, reprinted in 1949 states that Miss Nourritt has Three degrees of Pisces for her moon.  Kepler Software was able to rectify that to a 7:07 PM birth time in Asineres-sur-Seine, France.  Above is her chart for those interested.

She is a Splash Temperament Type that we have found often shows up in prodigies and three oppositions clueing us into her versatility, she started with the piano and ended up with the organ while transcribing many harpsichord pieces.  This was unusual as the piano is a percussion instrument and the harpsichord a string instrument so this definitely shows her versatility.

Her Ascendant is opposite Pluto suggesting that she was an intense student and musically creative.  In the book, Maurice Duruflé, 1902-1986: The Last Impressionist by Ronald Ebrecht, he notes that when her mother would not let her go the Conservatory in Avignon, so the young Jacqueline practiced & studied her music so voraciously as to get a perfect 10 in all her pieces and thus win a scholarship for further study.

The following year in the class of Edouard Charles, who was came from the Niedermeyer School in Paris, and was considered an accomplished master in harmony she won another perfect score in a class of ten.  There is no doubt, that Mademoiselle Nourritt was a musical tour dé force.

Our featured image is New York City’s own Steinway Piano,  sold in 2013 to the hedge fund run by John Alfred Paulson²  in California but historically the piano of Carnegie Hall.  You can still buy a used one here.


  1. Ebrecht, Ronald. Maurice Duruflé, 1902-1986: the Last Impressionist. Scarecrow Press, 2002. pp. 185-186.
  2.  Hedge Fund Manager John A. Paulson is not related to the President Bush Treasury Secretary, Henry Paulson.