#727 Nourritt, Jacqueline Pianist

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We have information on Jacqueline Nourritt #727 in the Jones 1000, but it cannot corroborate it. We will probably add her into our database nevertheless but we would appreciate it if someone can confirm her existence.    July 1 2017


Updated:  E.C. Chambers in his magnificient book Fixed Stars and Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed, published originally 1923, reprinted in 1949 states that Miss Nourritt has Three  degrees of Pisces for her moon.  Kepler was able to easily rectify that to 7:07 PM in Asineres-sur-Seine.  Above is her chart for those interested.

Our featured image is the wonderful New York City’s own Steinway Piano.Thanks to those who the read and gave etheric help.



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