Venus as Inanna at the 3rd Gate

The Venus, Moon conjunction this month was June 20, at 6:24 PM EDT, Washington D.C. at 14 Taurus 52.  I was ‘out of the loop’ last week so I didn’t make the deadline for getting this out before the conjunction occurred.

As I explore this subject of ‘shamanistic Venus’ I want to incorporate some of the insights of Dane Rudhyar, particularly his work on aspects.  Before Rudhyar,  typically most astrologers interpreted planet aspects purely as ‘space events’, as ‘freeze frame snap-shots’ of planet configurations; this method did not take into consideration the time element.   He brought time into the equation, in this way an aspect between two planets was described as one phase in a compete planetary cycle that began at the conjunction of the planets –  a ‘process perspective’.   I propose to do the same here.

I refer to Rudhyar’s work on aspects because I think that we too often neglect to understand the psychological/spiritual side of things in our quest for events and objective ‘facts’ that will support our prognostications and expectations.

It was, for example, probably stretching it a bit to attempt to trace the potential interconnections between Trump’s chart and the Moon,Venus conjunction at 29 Pisces, the First Gate, which led me to suggest that he might ‘lose his crown’, during that time period.  He didn’t, of course, however the Crown did receive some dings then and continues to do so.

What I am suggesting in other words is that we not focus solely on the time of the approach to a Gate as the ‘only thing’ and look for events that seem to correlate with the symbolism but rather widen our net to encompass the entire time period between the passage from one gate to the next.

And so with this preamble out of the way I will move now to an examination of the chart for the 3rd Gate.  I will provide the guidelines for a basic interpretation of ‘planet aspects in process’ later in this article.


The Chart for  Venus/Innana at the Third Gate

The Third Gate according to the Sumerian Inanna myth relates to communication, the throat chaka, Virgo and Mercury.  At this gate Inanna is forced to surrender the double-stranded beads around her neck, the symbolism in this act  can’t be missed, she can no longer speak in her accustomed manner.  She is thus challenged to speak to truth and authenticity. if she is going to be permitted to speak at all.

For those us who may be following this story of Venus/Innana, at this point in the journey through the gates, we may be similarly challenged to do some critical self-examination of the manner in which we communicate.

Ask yourself, for example, “Do I usually accurately communicate to others what my true feelings and thoughts are?” “How can I make my speech sacred and holy”?  The gift of language is a precious gift, a gift from God.  “In what ways can I use my gifts of speech in a scared manner in daily life, and in my sacred work.?”

These are questions that may be calling us to attend to at this time.

Looking at the chart we see that the Moon,Venus conjunction is in Taurus, so that is the fundamental keynote for this period, until the Fourth gate.  The sign of Taurus anatomically is related to the throat.  Venus is the ruler of Taurus, so the Venus vibe is also predominate.

What is Taurus asking for?  Taurus as an Earth Sign obviously calls us to experience the pleasure of bringing Spirit into matter, to experience this deeply, to appreciate the art and beauty of life, to become open to receiving what life brings and to become more loving.  Aphrodite is a goddess associated with Taurus.  It is interesting to note that Innana of the Sumerian civilization was a precursor of the later Egyptian Isis and the Greek Aphrodite.

The Sabian Symbol for the 15th degree of Taurus is: A man muffled up, with a rakish silk hat.  The suggested keyword is ‘sophistication’.  “This is a symbol of absolute self-integrity at a simple extreme of self-consciousness, or of the human spirit in its inherent supremacy over all possible limitations or embarrassments…”

The most notable planet configuration in the chart is the yod ( Finger of God) pattern made up of the Moon,Venus conjunction sextile Neptune, these quincunx to Jupiter.  This is in a very tight orb of 1 degree.  What does this Jupiter, Neptune, Moon and Venus connection suggest?

Neptune is involved in everything…

The role of Neptune I think is particularly significant. As you may recall this current Venus cycle began on March 31 with the heliacal rising of Venus as the Morning Star.  At that time Neptune was rising just a few degrees ahead of Venus; hence Neptune is fundamentally associated with this Venus cycle.

Now, at the 3rd Gate Venus is exactly sextile to Neptune.  The sextile aspect facilitates intelligence, creativity and communication, thus, at this Gate the optimum expression of the inherent potentials of Venus, Neptune in this cycle may be manifested.

The quincunx with Jupiter is indicative of a critical point when conditions may either come apart, fragment, or be reassembled in a more effective form.  With the quinicunx conditions are at a phase of critical  adjustment and change.

Jupiter at the focal point of the pattern urges us to expand and enrich our spiritual and psychological lives, to take the positive outlook, to see our glass as at least half full and to expect the best, even a miracle.  We must tread very lightly however because everything is in a very fragile state, the slightest wrong word or action could bring the whole thing down, like a house of cards.

Guidelines for interpreting planet aspects cyclically

As I mentioned at the beginning of this essay here are the guidelines for interpretation of aspects from a cyclical perspective.

Rudhyar delineated an eight-fold development of compete aspect cycle.  For this essay I will pare it down to the essential four phases, namely: the conjunction, the first quarter square, the opposition, and the last quarter square.

The conjunction event is considered as the ‘incarnation’ of a new entity, new purpose, idea, or project.  Here, in our experiment, it is the successive Moon, Venus conjunctions we are looking at.

The first quarter square, which is the opening square, marks a crisis point in the cycle in which direct action is required for the process to proceed successfully.  This is a critical time in the evolution and formation of the fundamental purpose that was incarnated at the conjunction.

At the opposition, the ‘full moon phase,’ the challenge is to clarify and objectify your purpose.  At this point in the cycle the ramifications of the ‘bigger picture’ begin to come into focus.

Then, at the last quarter, the closing square, the challenge is to revise your thinking and reevaluate the meaning and consequences of what you are doing as it relates to your initial purpose.

This is a time when all the ‘unnecessary baggage’, inappropriate attitudes and ideas must be eliminated, before proceeding to the finish line and the completion of the cycle.

  Coming around full circle…

In this chapter of the story, Venus/Inanna  has reached the 3rd gate which is marked by the Moon conjunction with Venus at the 15th degree of Taurus.  The first quarter square of the Moon with the conjunction degree of 15 Taurus will occur on June 27th at 1:20 GMT.

On July 4, at 1:44 GMT, the Moon by transit will be in opposition to the conjunction degree; and on July 11, at 13:42 GMT, the Moon by transit will reach the closing square with the conjunction degree.

And finally, on July 20, 2017 at 11:39 GMT Venus will reach the 4th Gate, at 17 Gemini 16…,