# 24 Tsarevich Alexei – Septiles galore

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tsarevitch alexei

Tsarevich Alexei was the only son of Empress Alexandra. His birth date and time was announced by his father Tsar Nicholas on August 12, 1904 as at 1:00 PM and heralded by a twenty-gun salute.¹

The Tsarevich ascendant is 10.26 Virgo that is also the point of the Fixed Star Zosma, that is Greek means “Girdle.”  It gives the native a complaining nature, self-indulgent  and fearful that is compounded by a negative fixed natural disposition by the T-Cross quadrature because of his poor health (Jupiter 00.07 Taurus) in the Sixth House.

Interestingly, the talented Hollywood Classic, Olivia de Haviliand, also has Jupiter in that degree, but as it is not square will soon be celebrating her 101st birthday this July 1st in Paris. That is the difference a square that is part of the star-crossed septile (Jupiter to Pluto at 21.26 Gemini) can make.

If we change that Jupiter at 00.07 Taurus to Aries as Dr. Jones recommends, his bleeding disease starts to make sense as the T-Cross is now out of quadrature (Aries is Cardinal and Saturn and Leo are Fixed) and highlights blood and iron health problems.  Since Jupiter is a planet of excessiveness but in the negative we would think either he does not have enough blood because of lack of iron or bleeding or a plethora of blood and has to be bled.  Off hand I do not know of any excess blood diseases, contacting my Uncle, the retired head of internal medicine at Detroit General, Detroit, Michigan, he said that if that had been the case, Alexei would have been stillborn.  Obviously excessive blood is out.  Now if

The Tsarevich has more septiles though than just that.  He has another of Uranus in the Second House of  Ready Resources or Genetics to Saturn in the Third House of Family.  Uranus is at 26.11 Sagittarius that suggests traveling blood, and Saturn at 17.32 Aquarius, tells us that this is indeed a rare or unusual  hereditary problem that he shared with his sisters.

His sisters were not bleeders.  It is incredibly rare for a female hemophiliac to be born and male hemophiliacs while afflicted with the disease do not carry it.  Instead, since he had disease the chances are that out of four sisters, two of them were carriers and the other two were fine — that’s just the statistical norm, and reality could have been quite different.  None of the girls married and had children.  The eldest had the chance but did not want to leave Russia, in retrospect an unfortunate decision.

From his chart alone and ignoring his dreadful demise, always a hard thing to do in this tragic situation, the Tsarevich was indeed a star-crossed boy.


  1. D.M. Potts, Queen Victoria’s Gene:  Haemophilia and the Royal Family. c. 1999.  London:  Sutton Press.
  2. Marc Edmund Jones has the Tsarevich listed as #24 in his 1000 Nativities in the book the Sabian Symbols in Astrology, c. 1953.   but with the incorrect time of 12 noon.

Download the Tsarevitch Chart


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