Transpluto and Gambling

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you are not familiar with Transpluto, you should be. Over the years have found that it is imperative to use the natal and transiting position of Transpluto. I refer you to John Hawkins’ book Transpluto Or Should We Call Him BACCHUS the Ruler of Taurus.

In 1972, the Author Ms. Joyce Wehrman writes, I  was urged to use Transpluto, but I was reluctant to admit that something that I was not using could be important, so I did not follow that lead. Finally, four years later, I decided that my method was wrong and adopted Transpluto.

Now after years of working with it, I am urging you to use Transpluto!! I have found that the aspects and position of Transpluto often have to do with major wins and winning times.  Keeping this in mind though:  make your gambling astrological system as simple as possible- I personally only add to a basic astrological chart that which adds information that cannot be found in any other manner.

Thus after researching the use of Transpluto for two years, in every imaginable chart I have come to the conclusion that it is the key. Transits of the natal Transpluto are very revealing. Daily transits between it and other planets are mandatory for understanding events that transpire in the world scene.

The Part of the Fortune is good and so are the Nodes for finding aspects. Trines are fun but no money. Jupiter does not work. So that leaves us with Conjunctions, squares and oppositions — what are normally called the hard aspects .  To win you must activate the winning houses in your horoscope which are of course House 2, 5 and 8 but  rarely 11 (Hopes and Dreams) because that is a good time house.  Look for that if you are throwing a party not if you are gambling.

What are winning transits by Joyce Wehrman.  Buy it here.

Matrix Software, formerly owned by Michael Erlewine, but is now owned by David & Fei Cochrane,  developed software to help you win.  It is available for about $135.00 USE & is  based on Ms. Wehrman’s methodology.