Marc Edmund Jones on the Hyleg

Dromenoner Mo Saladin wrote in about Dr. Jones’ thoughts on Hyleg.  You can view the original post here on Facebook.

“Although man’s physical organism is neither the whole of himself nor the controlling factor in his make-up, the body with its social and spiritual relations nonetheless remains a primary barometer of his well-being on all levels of existence. The nature of his general stamina always is indicated in the horoscope by the situation of the LIGHTS.

If the sun is ABOVE THE EARTH in any House other than the TWELFTH or EIGHTH or is in the FIRST of those BELOW THE EARTH, it is said to be the HYLEG or the giver of life.In such an instance the NATIVE generally possesses a robust constitution and remains in relatively consistent good health

In any case he is likely to be little discommoded by what diseases beset him, and on the whole to live a long and active life…. King Leopold III is a royal example.” ¹

Dr. Jones notes two other Royals, but both of them do not have the Part of Hyleg but instead demonstate his modern version of Hylegs.  That is uncommon, as he renamed several Arabian Parts in his Mundane Perspectives to fit modern audiences.

King Leopold III

Leopold III is #571 in the Sabian Symbols in Astrology by Marc Edmund Jones.   His full name in French is full Léopold-Philippe-Charles-Albert-Meinrad-Hubertus-Marie-Miguel, in Dutch in full Leopold Filips Karel Albert Meinrad Hubertus Maria Miguel.  He  was born November 3, 1901 in Brussels, Belgium & died September 25, 1983, in Brussels.

Leopold III was king of the Belgians, whose actions as commander in chief of the Belgian army during the German conquest of Belgium (1940) in World War II aroused opposition to his rule, eventually leading to his abdication in 1951.

It was that after the collapse of the Western Front in May 1940, Leopold II surrendered to the Germans without any warning to his allies.  Ther inference was that he done this to save his throne and perhaps even his life.  For this and other reasons he was not allowed to return to Brussels after liberation in 1944, but instead his brother Prince Charles, ruled in his stead.

Lilian, Belgian Princess of Rethy
Royal Consort of King Leopold III

Leopold’s status was a political issue because  many felt that a constitutional monarch (similar in status to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the UK) ought to be above politics.

His marriage to a commonder, Mary-Lilian Baels (born November 28, 1916, London, UK) on September 11, 1941, whom he made princesse de Réthy did nothing to help his situation, even though she was presented on her debut to King George V and Queen Mary of  the UK..³




                        The King’s Hyleg


Two areas on the King’s chart are highlighted.

The one in the Southern Hemisphere is his Hyleg.  This aspect suggests that that the New York Time’s article was correct that his armistice with the Nazi’s saved his life and crown. His Hyleg is in 29.16 Capricorn, with the symbol of  “A secret business conference” also confirming his treaty with Hilter and gang as it tells us that the native here as a special gift for “clever planning and successful administration in every area of life,” and may use the resources of others to his advantage.

The Part of Fortune which is too wild to work with the Hyleg is conjunct his Line of Personality.  It tells us that the King was more interested in end-results and the consequences of his work than in politics — they are all in the Tenth House of Career and Hopes and Dreams.

The second yellowed area is in the opposite side of the map, in the Northern Hemisphere at his Third House.  This house whose natural ruler is Mercury suggests  short journeys, business liasions & friends, it is also where his Part of Marriage, Gemini 25.7 is located, conjunct his Pluto Gemini 11.20.

This suggests that his reasoning for marrying a fellow-countrymen was his expectation that he would be relieved of his Crown, and that marrying someone in exile in London may improve his chances there.  It also tells us that he was bewitched by her beauty.  The  two degrees have the appropriate enough meanings of a “new found realism” and “frost in the winter woods.”

In the end, yes King Leopold III definitely used his Hyleg to his advantage, and consequently, came to a long and happy end.  Download King Leopold III’s chart here.



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