Astronomically: The Week of June 11th

Sunday June 11, 2017

  1. Mercury parallel Vesta 00:41AM EDT,
  2. Neptune quincunx Vesta 7:57AM EDT,
  3. Mercury contra-parallel Pluto 4:04PM EDT


Monday June 12, 2017

  1.  Venus sextile Hades 1:48AM EDT,
  2. Venus parallel Transpluto 10:37AM EDT,
  3. Mercury quincunx Hygeia 2:25PM EDT

Tuesday June 13, 2017

  1.  Mercury contra-parallel Saturn 1:39AM EDT,
  2. Mars conjunct Hades 11:05AM EDT,
  3. Mercury trine Jupiter 11:44AM EDT,
  4. Pluto quincunx Ceres 1:32PM EDT,
  5. Uranus trine Cupido 1:58PM EDT
    1.  and trine north node 9:32PM EDT,
  6. Mercury parallel Hades 11:23PM EDT
    1. and square Neptune 11:28PM EDT

Wednesday June 14, 2017

  1. Mercury quincunx Astraea 00:34AM EDT
    1. and quincunx Juno 5:36AM EDT,
  2. Venus contra-parallel Apollon 8:39AM EDT,
  3. Mercury parallel Ceres 10:22AM EDT,
  4. sun sextile Eris 11:36AM EDT,
  5. Neptune sextile Astraea 11:54AM EDT,
  6. Mercury sextile Vesta 2:38PM EDT
    1. and contra-parallel Cupido 3:45PM EDT

Thursday June 15, 2017

  1.  sun opposes Saturn 6:17AM EDT,
  2. Mercury trine Zeus 12:51PM EDT,
  3. Mercury parallel Kronos 5:39PM EDT

Friday June 16, 2017

  1. Mercury quincunx Pluto 1:35AM EDT,
  2. Venus sextile Kronos 2:03AM EDT,
  3. Neptune stations retrograde 7:09AM EDT,
  4. Venus parallel north node 9:28AM EDT,
  5. sun parallel Mercury 1:29PM EDT,
  6. Mercury conjunct Ceres 4:55PM EDT,
  7. Venus trine Hygeia 5:53PM EDT,
  8. Neptune sextile Juno 11PM EDT

Saturday June 17, 2017

Venus opposes Poseidon 10:30PM EDT

Sunday June 18, 2017

  1. Mercury contra-parallel Hygeia 00:15AM EDT,
  2. sun sextile north node 4:46AM EDT,
  3. sun sextile Pallas 5:32AM EDT
  4.  Mercury sextile Eris 9:54AM EDT,
  5. sun sextile Uranus 2:47PM EDT,
  6. Mercury opposes Saturn 3:07PM EDT,
  7. Jupiter square Astraea 8:51PM EDT,
  8. Mercury parallel Mars 9:53PM EDT

download the chart for the week of June 14 2017

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