Is Boris Johnson the next UK PM?

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We think that Boris Johnson has a good running for the next PM of the UK. His natal Part of the Fortune at 13.08 Aquarius tells us that he is one that subject to the ups and downs of the fickle finger of Fate. His ascendant at 11.00 Libra makes its natives have predilection for socially progressive ideas – what is more progressive than breaking up the German dominated EU? England btw, never adopted the EU but has kept the pound. His natal Ninth House has an air  stellium of planets suggesting long journeys that also is endemic to the mutable Fourth Estate and journalism.

But that is so yesterday…….what does his progression say about right here, right now?

                                        Progressing BoJo

Neptune is right at his Mid-heaven. Duty calls Mr. Johnson, are you up to the task? His second house of Ready Resources has Saturn conjunct that Part of Fortune which suggests at 03.14 Pisces which is exact to the star Fomalhaut – we don’t need no stinking orb here.

Fomalhaut is important because while Regulus was long considered King of the Four Guardians of the Apocalypse, Fomalhaut is assigned the role of Gabriel, in the birth of that is said to bring forth a “new stage in human spiritual evolution.” Gabriel come blow your horn!

marina wheeler.jpg

The great Italian astrologer, Jerome Cardan stated that with the stars/planets at Gemini 12 give a long and lasting name. Sorry Boris, nothing therefor you but in conjunction with Venus, there will be advantages in artistic pursuits or with  women, and many say that his wife barrister Marina Wheeler (West German born)  is a strong asset.

Fomalhaut rules the heel of the right foot in the human body.

We have attached for the Natal and the Progressed charts for you to view. Let us know what you think.

The Boris Natal chart

progressive BoJo.pdf


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