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Month: June 2017

#143 Billy Bruce, singer

                                     HELP WANTED Marc Edmund Jones lists in his 1000 nativities¹, a singer […]

#278 Eau de Dietrich

Our featured photo is of her and Cesare Romano in “The Devil is a Woman” directed by Josef von Sternberg — her favorite film because it made her look “beautiful.” […]

Venus as Inanna at the 3rd Gate

The Venus, Moon conjunction this month was June 20, at 6:24 PM EDT, Washington D.C. at 14 Taurus 52.  I was ‘out of the loop’ last week so I didn’t […]

Franz Joseph Haydn – composer

Joseph Haydn was a composer and teacher to Wolfgang Mozart.  He was born March 31, 1732 and died May 31, 1809.  He is considered the “Father of the String Quartet” […]

Hygeia: You’ve been served

Hygeia Mythologically  In Greek Mythology, Hygeia is the great-granddaughter of Zeus / Jupiter via the Apollo(n) line.  Her father Aesclepius,  another asteroid, was the Greek god of healing & is […]

Laura Anne Ingraham is on the Air

Melania Trump, the FLOTUS — First Lady of the United States –, does not like Sean Spicer, so the buzz is that Laura Ingraham will replace him.  Dunno, but her […]

Astrology Books out today

  From Well Being Astrology magazine, published in Sydney Australia from Universal Magazines. It’s a nice informative magazine that may local bookstore carries.  The have an online article on the […]

The week of June 18th in Boston

Sunday, June 18, 2017 Mercury contra-parallel Hygeia 00:15AM EDT, sun trine South Node 4:46AM EDT, sun sextile Pallas 5:32AM EDT, sun sextile Uranus 2:47PM EDT, Mercury sextile Eris 9:54AM EDT, Mercury opposes Saturn 3:07PM EDT Mercury […]

Charting the House Systems

I have read a lot about each house system, some say that they are time-based, others space based and then there is a long explanation about dividing the ecliptic either […]

#23 The last Empress of all the Russias: Alexandra

Empress Alexandra Feodorovna Romanov, Queen Victoria of England, Emperor Nicholas, Bolshevists, Capricorn 21, Cancer 29 Aries 24 Gemini 07 Part of Self-Undoing Part of Fortune Part of Treachery Part of Tragedy, Chiron Sagittarius 23 Gemini 13 Star Nunki Pelagus

Transpluto and Gambling

If you are not familiar with Transpluto, you should be. says gambler the late Joyce Wehrman. Over the years  I have found that it is imperative to use the natal […]

Marc Edmund Jones on the Hyleg

Dromenoner Mo Saladin wrote in about Dr. Jones’ thoughts on Hyleg.  You can view the original post here on Facebook. “Although man’s physical organism is neither the whole of himself […]