John F. Kennedy Turns 100 Today.

It is hard to imagine John Kennedy as an old man, a man at his 100th birthday, because he was such a vigorous, engaging man, when we knew him and as we see him and his family in the old photographs.   What I want to do in this post  is to look at some of the astrological indicators that perhaps reveal the nature of the sustained high regard that he has in the hearts and minds of people in America and around the world.   There are probably three Presidents that rate “myth figure” status.  I think most people will agree that  our “founding father”, George Washington is number one; the second would be Abraham Lincoln and the third I think should be John Kennedy.  He does not have the “gravitas” of his two predecessors, but he had “something extra” that caught our imaginations, indeed, his brief occupation of the White House has been characterized as a time of “Camelot”;  very few dispute this characterization as silly or overstated.

Now to the astrology…..his birth chart


Since we are looking for astrological indicators of “fame and reputation” the 10th House, its ruler and the planets located there,  will be the primary focus of attention.  The 10th house has 23 Cancer at the MC, with the ruler, the Moon, in Virgo in the 11th, and the Virgo ruler, Mercury, in the 8th.  Tracing the chain of relationships further, Venus, the ruler of Taurus is in Gemini.  Hence, Venus and Mercury are in “mutual reception”, a very important relationship.

Saturn, Neptune and asteroid Pallus Athena are located in the 10th; and to them we will add the Moon, the sign Cancer, Venus, Libra and Mercury as the  primary indicators for this study.  Singleton planets are always important  in a nativity.  Uranus is a singleton planet (a single planet located in a hemisphere) in JKF’s chart, so it must be considered too.  The significance  of Uranus in the chart  reflects the originality and the possibly “transcendental” impact JFK had on the collective consciousness.

Our next step will look at the aspects.  Because Cancer is ruling the 10th we will look closely at the Moon.  It is in a partile square to Venus, which is applying to the Moon.   This is the closest square in the chart, and is, according  Sabian astrological techniques, a key to the chart.  This is a Trigger Square, described as “the dynamic aptitude”, and is “the greatest single challenge to the native in the everyday affairs…by gaining at least a token dominance among all the other individuals …”( Counseling Manual, pg. 49).

Because Venus is applying to the Moon it is “the stimulating factor” and the Moon, as it is receiving this energy, is the “distributor”, or “point focus” of the configuration.  What does this mean in plain English?   For, JFK, it meant that “everything began with Venus”, that was where he started from.   It is not necessary to itemize what the Venus attributes are, suffice it to say the man was moved by things for which he felt affection, admiration and for things he wanted to acquire, but always acting with style and charm, with class.   The Moon was the overt side of the equation, hence, he was much in the public eye, the consummate politician, indeed,  perhaps here is a key to his possibly myth figure status.

Saturn in the 10th is a signature of a natural leader, in fact, several notable leaders in history have had Saturn in the 10th place.  It is in Cancer, its detriment, so, it was not a completely fortuitous placement, indeed, his “position of authority”  ultimately cost him his life.    The Moon, the Cancer ruler, is in the 11th, thus the qualities of the 10th, fame, reputation, authority, etc. would ultimately enhance JFK’s “hopes and wishes”, and by projection the  hopes and aspirations of the general public.

We can’t leave this study without looking at Neptune.  When we consider all the glamour that surrounds the man there must be some astrological correlate involved.  Well, Neptune in the 10th should go a long way in filling this requirement, and it does, but there is more.  Neptune is involved in the key Venus, Moon square.  Indeed it does!  If we bring mid-points into our study was see that Neptune is positioned right on the mid-point of the Moon, Venus square.  This suggests that the thrust of JFK’s life and actions ultimately manifested through Neptune.  No more needs to said about this.

In Essentials of Astrological Analysis, MEJ writes about “the moon in oriental appearance”.  It is a beautiful description of an exceptional moon function in a life.  The Moon in JFK’s chart is not “oriental in appearance” (Mercury holds that position for him) but the Moon does have “high focus” status as it is separating from the Trigger Square with Venus.

A quote form Essentials, pg. 395, 396, is pertinent here that illustrates what I am saying:  “…the moon indicates an underlying capacity for a dramatic assimilation of the self into the collective ideal or aspirations of the people at large …to provide some actual and personal representation of the values and virtues in which others like to mirror themselves.  The greatest asset can be no more than an unimpeachable morality or integrity…his role in life is to stimulate others to the effort from which both these others and he himself may profit…He is the ideal tutor or coach…often it is his unappreciated groundwork that permits those who come after him to soar to the heights.  In epitome he is the prophet.  An illustration is presented by Abraham Lincoln, whose life and martyrdom endowed the American people with a fresh and very much deeper realization of their national destiny”



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  1. Thanks, I think it is excellent. I would like to have heard more about the chart, especially Uranus as handle planet in Bucket pattern in the 4th, singleton in the South. He did have such a vast effect on the culture of the world, “electrifying” it, in a sense, by his apparent youthful energy (“Vigor,” as he called it) and Libra rising, Gemini sun and Venusian charm. And of course by his death.
    There’s so much to see in this chart! Would like to see it against the assassination chart & will look it up.
    Many thanks!


  2. I enjoyed your commentary. However, in an article such as this when you mention a planet and placement & then say about it something like nothing needs to be said, I think that is really when in writing an article of this type SOMETHING needs to be said. As an author, we can never assume that our reading audience sees things the same as we do – especially when we haven’t explained how we see things. I am an evolutionary astrologer and see Neptune in several different lights – most likely not the same as you and would have liked to hear your opinion. I believe you did that in another place, as well. Please tell us your opinion. Don’t assume anything about us, your readers (writer here). Thanks for taking on this topic – of great interest to me, JFK has always been a favorite.


    1. Hi Linda
      Thanks for your comment and for reading the blog. I will take your advice and try to not leave readers hanging. I’ll will think about what you said and get back to you with what is the rest of the story.


  3. One great thing about JFK was he was the first man turn back Federal Taxes upon taking the Presidency, his biggest mistake was putting a Texan LBJ on the ticket and then going there.


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