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Venus as Innana at the Second Gate

At sunrise this morning, May 22,  we were treated to a conjunction of the Moon with Venus.  The conjunction did not occur exactly at sunrise, however, that was later at 10:09 AM EDT, at 16 Aries 24. The two appeared very close together because Venus is only 2 degrees of declination the right of the Moon, in addition to being  in conjunction by longitude.  This article is the third in this series, please  read the two prior postings: Venus as Innana and the Cosmic Pentagram and Venus as Innana at the First Gate, for the necessary background material for this article.

In the two prior articles, in this one, and in the five articles that will follow we are observing the Moon and Venus conjunctions in this current Venus cycle that began at the Venus retrograde station on March 4, at 13 Aries 09.  You may wonder why we would want to devote this much time and attention to such an otherwise unremarkable occurrence.  The Moon in its monthly trek around the zodiac will contact each of the other planets by conjunction, so obviously a conjunction event in itself is not significant, but its significance can be understood when it is studied in the context of the compete 584 day Venus cycle and the Innana myth.  (fully discussed in the two referenced articles)

Before proceeding to discussing our main topic, Venus at the Second gate, I want to make an observation that has been on my mind of late, namely, that I think that we modern folk are suffering from, for lack of a better description, a ” lack of sky”.  We just rarely ever look up at the sky at night anymore, and if we do we probably can’t see much except the very bright stars or moon because of ground lights and the air pollution that obscures our view of the fainter stars and  the Milky Way.  This is not how we were brought up.  By this I mean that humanity, the race we belong to, through the countless millennia of presence on this earth, lived under the sky, the night sky, and observed with great care and attention the positions of the stars and the movement of the planets.  The Pythagoreans  were even said to be able to “hear the music of the spheres”.  Today we hear traffic noise or the roar of  jet planes.

That said, what is involved in this astrological exercise is probably much more psychological, maybe even spiritual, than anything objective or tangible.  Inanna at the First Gate, according to the myth, was commanded to give up her crown, the symbol of her authority.  I am not royalty, nor is anyone I know a possessor of such a pedigree,  so while there may be no crown, or great office to sacrifice possible, there is a sacrifice to be made, but on a deeper level.   What I, or anyone doing following this shamanic Venus cycle track can do, at the First Gate, is take a good hard look at “who they are”.  Who they are, that has nothing to do with ones particular role in life, social status or place on the pyramid of wealth.

There is a question that the Zen master might put to a would-be disciple that sums up perfectly what I’m getting at when the Master asks:   “Show me your original face, the one you had before your parents conceived you”.  An authentic spiritual quest or desire for transformation can only begin when we permit ourselves to ask the question, “Who am I”.

Now we will look at the chart for this Moon and Venus conjunction:

Venus Innana 2nd Gate

The Second Gate is the gate of perception and is associated with the pineal gland and sometimes is  referred to as the third eye chakra.  The lapis measuring rod and line are taken from Inanna at this gate.  This is the “mind’s eye chakra”, thus it has much to do with how we are using our mind, what we pay attention to.   Do we approach the world and life with an “either/or” attitude.  Do we tend to see things as either black or white, in other words, are we lost in dualistic thinking.?  The third eye, properly developed and used  is the faculty for intuition  and non-dualistic thinking, the ability to see the “both/and” in life situations and problems.   It gives the wisdom to find the “middle ground”.

The Sabian Symbol for the 17th degree of Aries, the degree of this conjunction is: Two prim spinsters.   Spinster is a word out of use these days which refers to an unmarried woman.  Prim derives from “prime” and has come to mean precise or overly neat, stiff, or “up-tight”.  The image of the “two prim spinsters” suggests  women who have been living close together for a long time, “are set in their ways”, opinionated, and frequently judgmental of others appearance and behavior.  It should be noted that there are two spinsters.  Two is the fundamental number of duality.  Twoness.  Study this image and the location of 16 Aries , by house and aspect in your chart.  Perhaps this is the area in your life where you would benefit most by being more open, inclusive and intuitive.




  1. You are right. It was NOT at sunrise in “EDT” land. But it was damned close to it where the Ariana Grande concert massacre occurred…. (Maybe time zone / location should be adjusted to see where it occurs as well as when?)


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