Child Murderess: Myra Hindley

Well, what do you know, Gaugquelin did have Brady’s accomplice.  From the website, which explains the costume she wore.

Brady convinced Hindley that there was no God, and she stopped going to church. She absorbed his philosophies, adopted his interests, and altered her appearance to suit him, bleaching her hair and wearing Germanic clothes. She had no qualms about allowing him to take pornographic pictures of her and of the two of them having sex. They intended to crack the pornographic market but failed. Brady nicknamed her “Myra Hess”.

Also, I found how to get the asteroids and such on a Kepler chart.  Seek and ye shall find, well at least some of the time.

Download Myra hindley’s map.

Available for downloading is Myra’s bi-wheel, the inner circle is her natal chart and the other when she died at the Suffolk prison in England.  One striking thing about the bi-wheel is that the transiting Pluto is opposite her Saturn and creating a T-Cross going to her Midheaven between the two charts.  I read that her supporters claimed that away from Brady she returned to her Anglican faith and had, unlike him, renounced her crimes.  This setup suggests that they were right about that much.THE-MOORS-MURDERERS-Myra-Hindley-and-Ian-Brady

Miss Hindley was a Bowl Temperament type, unlike her counterpart Brady, she is very introspective but also a narcissist with four planetary pairs in her chart.   It would seem that they two really understood each other and got along well.

Her Juno is in her Fifth House of play and children and is aspected to everything in her chart but Uranus, like Brady in the Twelfth House at Gemini 03.36, Venus (29.44 Gemini) and the Moon  (23.45 Scorpio); none of these planets are in aspect to each other as well.  She has a tight Bowl and so has no oppositions.

Hindley has few notable Arabian points.  The most prominent are Love and Marriage conjunct Uranus, her Mother exact to Juno, Widowhood, Love & Family exact to Venus; nothing much.  But at her Midheaven is her Part of Undoing explaining to some degree, her entanglement with Brady and her perhaps her self-hatred into which he tapped.

myra's viewable chartHer North Node at 04.46 is “the ready soldier” willing to help a friend and her ascendant, no where as afflicted as Brady’s  is “a flying arrow” seeking attention is squared to a heavily afflicted Mars in the Fourth House (24.09 Leo) reminding me of the adage “ignorance is no excuse” as it has the keyword of Simplicity conjunct that North Node.

All of these aspects suggest that she knew what he was doing, did not object nor care as she found the rapes enjoyable and highly erotic.  His need kill the girls afterward, is not something correspondingly found in her chart, but nonetheless, she would understand the need not to be dubbed in, her Moon in the Sixth house — 23.14 Scorpio — sextile Pluto —  Leo 05.11 — in the Third and be reported to the coppers.


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    1. Yes, I think so too. I did not do everything on hers, just highlighted issues so you get a good idea of what makes an enabler so I do not agree with her supporters that she did it because she was under his “control.” I think she got off on the rape. He OTOH was just plain psychotic and suffered from real delusions of grandeur.


      1. Now I see what we are discussing. They are horrible… but we can’t study the charts of only people we like and admire. It wouldn’t be a full picture of the human condition. I know that people can do anything to animals, and they can probably do anything to children too.


      1. Let me think about it. Perhaps the chart of my friend Robert Crumb? As the most raunchy and probably the most talented of the underground cartoonists, he has been compared to Bruegel and other artists of that kind. But he has a great ability to change styles and he also represents something about humanity that is almost unparalleled in the work of cartoonists. Art does a good job too but in a different sense.
        Let me give it some thought. I’ve been watching genius on television, the story of Albert Einstein but also of his wife, Mileva, Who was intense and after a while crazy but also brilliant, and probably helped him develop the theory of relativity and other things. She was incredibly smart and struggled her whole life to get recognition, and ended up just bearing Einstein’s children and really getting very little attention for many years. He gave her his money from the Nobel prize when he won it for the theory of relativity.
        Their relationship broke up, and he married his cousin Elsa afterwards. He had many affairs also. But I think her chart could be of great interest.


      2. Myra H Sun conj Pluto (across sign lines).
        I also have this, in Leo. 2 degrees A part. It can be a destructive influence or a transformative one. In my 11th it has sometimes taken The form of unwillingly destroying or helping to destroy my group friendships, which have been extremely passionate and dedicated.

        I wonder if there’s a way out of this trap. I am trying!


  1. Hi. I recommend looking for a yod formation. You can use a major asteroid or a node to make one that is a sextile away and then find something that is opposite the empty space between. With that in hand the midpoint will point to a method for working your way out.


  2. Its more complicated than I said here Suki, but that’s a great suggestion.
    My “Friends” sometimes have attacked or tried to control me too. The Yod idea may be very helpful.


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