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The Week of May 14th 2017


This chart is centered at Times Square, NYC

Sunday May 14, 2017
  • Mars sextile Pallas 12:34PM EDT,
  • sun enters sidereal Taurus 1:26PM EDT,
  • Mercury square Vulcanus 9:32PM EDT,
  • Mercury trine north node 10:56PM EDT


Tuesday May 16, 2017

  • sun conjunct and parallel Selena 5:58AM EDT
  • sun conjunct Sedna 10:33AM EDT,
  • Mars parallel Vesta 11:29AM EDT,
  • Mercury enters tropical Taurus 6:07PM EDT,
  • Mercury trine Transpluto 10:37PM EDT


Wednesday May 17, 2017

  • sun quincunx Saturn 1:28AM EDT,
  • Mercury opposes Apollon 3:31AM EDT,
  • Jupiter quincunx Neptune 4:36AM EDT,
  • Transpluto stations direct 6:44AM EDT,
  • Mars trine Zeus 6:59AM EDT,
  • Venus quincunx Poseidon 8:36AM EDT,
  • Mars quincunx Astraea 1:19PM EDT
    • and quincunx Juno 8:05PM EDT,
  • Chiron square Cupido 10:45PM EDT


Thursday May 18, 2017

  • Venus contra-parallel Jupiter 7:55AM EDT,
  • sun quincunx Cupido 3:09PM EDT and sextile Chiron 4:06PM EDT


Friday May 19, 2017

  • Saturn trine Uranus 2:14AM EDT,
  • Mars quincunx Pluto 9:05AM EDT,
  • Venus opposes Jupiter 10:11AM EDT,
  • sun square the nodes 12:36PM EDT,
  • Venus square Hygeia 4:51PM EDT,
  • sun sextile Vulcanus 6:21PM EDT


Saturday May 20, 2017

  • Mercury parallel Uranus 00:10AM EDT
  • , Saturn quincunx Selena 9:26AM EDT,
  • Neptune sextile Hygeia 9:54AM EDT,
  • sun conjunct Admetos 12:49PM EDT,
    • and parallel Admetos 2:25PM EDT


Sunday May 21, 2017

  • sun enters tropical Gemini 9:07AM EDT,
  • Mercury sextile Hades 10:21AM EDT,
  • sun square Transpluto 1:25PM EDT and parallel Vulcanus 3:49PM EDT,
  • sun quincunx Apollon 4:51PM EDT


Download this week’s chart that starts at midnight, may14 in Chicago at the Sear’s Tower building or whatever its called these days.


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