Axed! FBI’s Comey

According to a  news report, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D – CA) said:” President Trump called me at 5:30 PM (EDT) and indicated he would be removing Director Comey, saying the FBI needed a change”.  Feinstein  is the top Democrat on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The White House announced Comey’s firing less than 20 minutes later.  You can view here, how Director Comey took the news while travelling for business in g for business in Los Angeles, California.

I set up a chart for the approximate time (17:50 on May 9 2017) of the White House announcement of Director Comey’s firing:

Comey Fired

The 23rd degree of Libra was rising at Washington D.C. at the moment of the unexpected announcement.  The degree is symbolized by a Chanticleer which is a proper name for a cock or rooster that is crowing clearly and loudly.  Can you conceive of a better symbol or image for this event? The rooster (with his proud coiffure) perched on his high pinnacle (the WH), announces to the world his (DJT’s) latest pronouncement of who is in and who is out.  The one who is out now is Mr. Comey.


Former Director of the CIA, James Comey


Venus as the ruler of the Libran ascendant is, therefore, a major planet in this chart but it is located in Libra’s opposite, Aries in the 6th House, showing that there is some stress for Comey with his work.

Venus is also unaspected (no major aspects, it does have some “minor” aspects).  We can think of this Venus here then as “going rogue” (a favorite expression of former Governor of Alaska, Sarah Palin, the Rogue Queen).   Unaspected planets do not have  primary connections with the other planets, and so are rather unpredictable — they are rogue, out there on their own.  Venus as the Morning Star in Mesoamerican astrology was called a “wasp star” or “spearing star”-  suggesting that it could be malefic and dangerous.

                                              The Wasp Star Connection

I have been thinking how the Venus position in the Comey Firing Chart relates to  Venus as Innana at the First gate as well as to the POTUS.

As you may remember Inanna at the First Gate on her journey into the Underworld to rescue her sister Erishkegal must relinquish her Crown.  The Crown of course symbolizes authority, in a material sense, and in a spiritual sense, connection with Godhood.   We can not know the nature of the spiritual sacrifices that may be required at this Gate, however a sacrifice of authority has obviously been demanded of Mr. Comey – he has been relieved of his authority as Director of the FBI.

There may be intimations of other sacrifices of authority to come.    DJT, for one,  has for these many months run rough shod over every convention of civil behavior and perception of what a POTUS should be and do and say. He has given contradictory reasons for the firing of Comey, the most recent was during an interview on ABC when he stated that:  “I had to fire Comey because he was ‘showboating’ and grandstanding’ ” – reasons that could only make sense to a mind like DJT’s.

The winds of DJT’s fate however may have shifted significantly and in the wrong direction for him because of the dust kicked-up by the sudden firing of Director Comey.  Legal scholars see a real potential for a charge of “obstruction of justice” because of his action against Comey.  The Constitution specifically states that obstruction of justice is an impeachable offence.  DJT is vulnerable to this charge if it is eventually proved that he removed Mr. Comey to thwart  the investigation of him and his possible ties to Russia.

Here is the bi-wheel of DJT’s chart and the Comey Firing Chart:

DJY Fires Comey
Angry Man

In this bi-wheel we again see Venus in a pivotal position as it activates the Mercury, Neptune square in DJT’s chart.  This square is one of the most problematic for him.  Anyone listening to him speak for just a few minutes will see what I mean.  In a crazy way, this has worked for him, indeed, it may be part of the secret of his success, so far anyhow, because it seems that his disjointed  manner of speech is open to wide interpretation,  in other words, people can read into his words whatever they wish to find.

The other strong configuration in the chart is the transiting square of Mercury,Uranus to natal Saturn,Venus.  DJT lost his patience with Mr. Comey and could not resist “pulling the plug” on him.




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