The Affordable Health Care Act, Will It Survive the GOP?

The Affordable Heath Care (AHC) Act, pejoratively called Obama Care, was signed into law around noon on March 23, 2010.  The House approved the Senate version of the legislation on March 21, by a vote of 219 -212.  It did not draw any “bipartisan support”, as no Republicans voted yea, and 34 Democrats  also did not vote for the bill.

obamacare signature

The very next day after ratification, the Republican introduced their first attempt to repeal the law – 59 further attempts have followed during the seven years since ( perhaps more than 60, I have lost count).

Since 2010 the Republican’s call to repeal Obama Care has been the primary issue in their political agenda. The GOP is now into the second try at shredding the AHC, since DJT took office,  and coming up with a program of their own that will pass muster.  Their plan is also called American Health Care, suggesting that is similar to the original, just a bit improved.

I thought it would be interesting to see if astrology could shed any light on where this all might be headed.


The Affordable Health Care Horoscope

Obama Care


It is no surprise that the chart for the signing of the law displays a very powerful grand cross of Moon, Sun, Pluto and Saturn lying near the angles of the wheel.  It would be hard to conceive of a chart that had a more potentially divisive configuration in it.  The astrology has proved itself in this case.  We do not, however, have to rely on astrology to tell us how the promise of this chart has actually played out, simply watching the TV news occasionally would have been enough to make you aware of the Republicans constant drumbeat to repeal this bill that has not let up for seven years.

Does the chart have indications of connections to matters of health and well-being?  I think it does.  Jupiter in Pisces near the MC of the chart is quite spectacular, I think.  Jupiter is also trine to the Moon in Cancer at the Ascendant.  Sagittarius is intercepted in the 6th House, another definite connection with health.

The Sabian Symbol for 16 Pisces is the flow of inspiration, with the keyword, INGENUITY.  The commentary for this symbol reads in part: “This is a symbol of the spiritual power which the development of civilization has brought to a point of practical potentiality, and on which each person may draw in meeting any or all critical issues of everyday living.”  Pisces is the sign of Sympathy, and the rising Moon in Cancer is suggestive of healing and nurturing.

All in all then, this chart for the AHC does contain symbolism we would associate with topics of health and well-being, and thus we should be able to study it with high confidence that it is a “good chart”.

Significant Transits to the AHC Chart

Saturn is a key planet in the radix of the AHC, thus we should expect that its transits should correlate with major turning points in the life of the law.   At the present time Saturn is retrograde in the late degrees of Sagittarius, thus, astrologically it is “doing no harm” in the AHC chart.  This suggests that the current Republican attacks on the law will not be successful in getting rid of it, at this time.  However, conditions change significantly when Saturn enters Capricorn in late December this year.  This is when it will begin to activate the grand cross in the AHC radix.


Affordable Health Care

In this tri-wheel we see inner wheel is the AHC, the middle wheel are the progressed positions for September 6, 2018, and the outer wheel are the transits for this date.  What is happening then for me to to progress to that date?   That is when Saturn has a direct station at 2 Capricorn 33 ( it has been retrograde since April 18, 2017).

The stations of planets are always a “big deal”, and invariably mark significant “turning points”.  Hence, we can expect that something very important related to AHC will be happening around this time.  What?

I believe that there will be clarion call to return to the true version of the AHC, not this newly dubbed one.  Several things give support to it, there is the progressed Moon at 8 Scorpio in trine with radix Moon and sextile to radix Pluto, hence it is serving to integrate this otherwise powerful separating energies symbolized by these planets.  Also, transiting Jupiter at 17 Scorpio is trine to radix Jupiter and transiting Neptune is conjunct with radix Jupiter.  A pretty good picture I think.

What do I think will happen?  The Republicans have a tiger by the tail.  They have pegged too large a part of their political well-being to getting rid of the law, but, watching the political town hall meetings around the country it is clear that there is a large group of people out there that do not want to see the law scrapped without something at least as good or better to replace it.  Therefore, I expect that the AHC will live on but with some changes, improvements that hopefully make access to good health care easier and more affordable for people.AHCA Caduceus

The 2018 elections season will be in full swing in September next year.  This will obviously be the catalyst that brings things to a head, that forces a separation of the sheep from the goats, and finally, breaks the impasse blocking needed legislation.