The Week of April 16 2017

Sunday April 16, 2017 

  • Venus sextile Mars 9:26PM EDT
  • Mars sextile Chiron 8:24AM EDT
    • Mars goes sextile the asteroid of Personal Respect.


This weeks chart is Bucket with a Jupiter Handle.

Monday April 17, 2017

  • Mars Parallel  Admetos 1:25 am EDT
    • Taurus 28 Mars / Taurus 30 AdmetosCeres 26 Taurus
  • Sun Trine Saturn 8:43 AM EDT,
  • Jupiter Square Juno 10:34 AM EDT,
  • Mars Quincunx Saturn 10:13 PM EDT


 Tuesday April 18, 2017

  • sun trine Cupido 2:27AM EDT,
  • Venus Contra-Parallel  Eris 8:47AM EDT,
  • Mercury Opposition Apollon 2:17PM EDT,
  • Sun Square Vulcanus 4:12PM EDT,
  • Jupiter Square Astraea 6:19PM EDT,
  • Sun Parallel Transpluto 7:27PM EDT
  •  Mars Quincunx Cupido 11:18PM EDT

Wednesday April 19, 2017  

  • Venus Parallel Chiron 2:47AM EDT,
  • Mars Parallel Vulcanus 3:23AM EDT,
  • Sun Parallel North Node 5:31AM EDT,
  • Mercury Trine Transpluto 6:38AM EDT,
  • Sun enters tropical Taurus 5:27PM EDT,
  • Mars Sextile Vulcanus 7PM EDT,
  • Mercury Trine North Node 10:19PM EDT


 Thursday April 20, 2017

  • Sun Conjunction Transiting Mercury 1:53AM EDT
  • Sun Trine North Node 4:09AM EDT
  • Pluto stations 8:48AM EDT
  • Mars Conjunction Admetos 10:44AM EDT
  • Mercury enters tropical Aries 1:36Am EDT
  • Sun Trine Transpluto 3:29PM EDT

Friday April 21, 2017

  • Sun Opposition Transiting Apollon 2:18AM EDT
  • sun contraparallel Apollon 2:54AM EDT
  • Mars enters tropical Gemini 6:32AM EDT
  • Venus square Saturn 7:08AM EDT
  • Mars square South Node 6:41PM EDT
  • Sun Parallel Mercury 10:09PM EDT

 Saturday April 22, 2017

  • Mercury square Vulcanus 00:28AM EDT
  • Mercury contra-parallel Apollon 11:19AM EDT
  • Mars square Transpluto 1:21AM EDT
  • Mercury trine Cupido 9:38PM EDT


 Sunday April 23, 2017

  • Mars quincunx Apollon 4AM EDT,
  • Saturn quincunx Ceres 10:35AM EDT


The Asteroid Admemtos’ discovery:

Asteroid 85030, Admetos, a Jupiter Trojan, was discovered on September 24, 1960, by C.J. Van Houten, Ingrid Van Houten-Groeneveld, and Tom Gehrels at Palomar Observatory. It has a period of 12 years, 144 days.

The naming of Asteroid of 85030

Admetos was said to be the best charioteer in the Greek army at Troy.  His wife was Alcestis, daughter of King Pelias who decided that she would marry the first man to yoke a lion and a boar (or a bear) to a chariot.

King Admetos was able to do, assisted by the Greek god Apollo, who had been banished from Olympus for nine years to serve as Admetos’ shepherd.

After the wedding, Admetos forgot to make the required sacrifice to Artemis, though, and found his bed full of snakes. Apollo again helped the newlywed king, this time by making the Fates drunk, extracting from them a promise that they would take a sacrificial victim of anyone who would die in his stead.

No one volunteered, not even his elderly parents,.  His young bride  Alcestis rose to the ocassion & offered herself. Herakles then rescued Alcestis from Hades, in appreciation for Admetos’ hospitality.


Our featured image is Eugene Delacroix’s painting  Hercules bringing Alcestis back from the Underworld.  

static1.squarespaceThe glyph for Admetos is the earth with a half moon open to above absorbing the beneficial vibrations.  Astrologically, Admetos means Retentive.  We have yet to check if the Asteroid agrees.