Venus Resumes Direct Motion

This morning, on April 15, 2017,  at  6:17 AM EDT Venus stationed ( stopped retrograde motion) at 26 Pisces 55 and resumed direct motion.  The planet thus began its journey retracing its way back to 13 Aries 09, the degree where it turned retrograde on March 4.  Below is the chart for this event set in the nation’s capital, Washington D.C at the Capitol Building.

Venus Resumes Direct Motion

Looking at the chart we see that five of the planets are angular: Uranus, direct Sun, and Mercury are in the 1st House, Pluto near the MC in 10th and Jupiter just one degree off the Descendant (7th).  This clues us in that this Redirect will likely correlate with significant events in the country.

That Aries is the rising sign and Uranus, Sun are very close to the Ascendant also confirms this reading.  What about Venus, the star of this show?  It is, as was noted, in Pisces, a sign it tends to find agreeable (its exaltation), and is ruled by Jupiter; meanwhile Jupiter is in Libra, a sign Venus rules, so Venus and Jupiter have a close relationship ( a mutual reception).quetzalcoatl_for_your_tree_by_mirroreyesserval-d5myrxd.jpg

Tracing out the “chain of rulerships” usually yields a deeper understanding of the ‘energy flow’ of a chart.

We already see that Venus and Jupiter are in sweet rapport, so let’s begin the chain with Venus, the star of the show, which rules Mercury and Mars in Taurus; Mars in turn rules Uranus and the Sun.

Turning to Jupiter we noted that it rules Neptune in Pisces ( of course, according to most ‘modern astrologers’ Neptune rules Pisces, but in traditional astrology, which didn’t know about Neptune, Jupiter ruled it.), and Saturn and the Moon in Sagittarius; Pluto in Capricorn is thence ruled by Saturn; so, the chain is completed.

Summarizing it is quite evident that a Aries/Mars dynamic will be strong during the next few days,  but equally strong is a Venus/Jupiter influence.  Aha!  Is this going to be a Men Are from Mars and Women From Venus thing?

I predict that it will, a part of the story, at least.   The stage has been set hasn’t it?  DJT’s Administration is pure WASP ( for all you younger generation folks, back in the day, the 50’s -60’s, the awareness was slowly dawning that this was a Man’s World, i.e. that, in particular, a White, Anglo-Saxon, Protestant Males one – hence, WASPs, were dominating every area of culture, politics and the economy).

ishtarpic.JPGThat, dear reader, is a condition that has changed for the better during the intervening years, but, looking at the complexion, gender and place on the Pyramid of Wealth of the people DJT has filled his Administration with there has been a regrettable regression in the movement to empower women, it appears.    Consequently, I expect to see more public demonstrations for women’s rights and for equal pay.  The Republican obsession to crush Planned Parenthood may be a ready focal point for the struggle.

Another feature of the chart should be mentioned – the Cardinal T Square of Uranus,Sun, opposing Jupiter, focalized by Pluto.  Wow! that Pluto in Capricorn standing near the MC is powerful, it represents the monstrous power of the Government – Executive  Branch, DJT, etc. which, because Pluto is in a square aspect, clashes with ‘the people’, represented by the 1st House, Uranus, Sun. This Venus cycle therefore may bring out masses of protesters demonstrating their opposition to the actions and policies of the Administration.

The President will be emboldened and heavy-handed in his response and will give no ground in the confrontation.Adam & Eve 3

The Mythological & Spiritual Side of it

The image at the beginning of this essay is of the Aztec God Quetzalcoatl that was identified with the planet Venus by the Mesoamerican cultures, Aztec, Mayan and others.

The Sumerian/Babylonian Goddess Inanna/Isthar was also identified with Venus as I have previously written about.  Not only were the myths identifying Venus with Gods/Goddesses widespread, also was the belief that the morning star phase of the Venus cycle was often malevolent.

For example, the myths of Innana as the morning star portray her as a fickle and avenging Goddess that killed Gilamesh’s soul-mate when he pointed out her cruel treatment of her discarded lovers.  She did not like the slightness criticism.

Quetzacoatl likewise was known, in the morning star phase, as the “wasp star”, or “spearing star”, was, as the names imply, cruel and malefic.  Hence, this Venus Morning Star phase will apparently bring with it an intensification of struggles to deal with  many preexisting unresolved issues.

The Sabian Degree Symbol for the 27th  degree of Pisces is: a harvest moon.  

“A symbol of life’s moments of culmination as the threshold of new achievement rather than as any canceling out of experience in the given aspect, and it emphasizes the fact that nature in her immeasurable prodigality is forever showering man with the products of her untiring creativeness.



The Red Blood – Harvest Moon

She is saying to him that his productivity is as rich as hers, and that the highly concentrated resources of the world are at the meditate service of anyone who will put them to use and so facilitate their replacement.”

This interpretation of the degree suggests that a cornucopia of opportunity and resources are at hand for use at this time.

How will these be used?  The record of humanities use of nature’s resources has been sordid and disgraceful, just look state of the planet’s environment, awash in plastic debris , and lethal chemicals of all kinds.

A harvest may be good or it may be bad, depending of a lot of things, the weather, soil preparation, etc but in the end, “Ye shall reap what ye have sown.”¹ And what have we sown dear friends maybe the making of a bitter harvest, I fear.

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  1.  From King James Bible, Galatians 6:vii




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