Seems like deja vu all over again – Iraq and now Syria

Déjà vu (from French, meaning “already seen;” also called paramnesia, is the experience that one has witnessed an event that has already happened before.  The experience of déjà vu is usually accompanied by a compelling sense of familiarity, and also a sense of “eeriness,” “strangeness,” or “uncanniness.”

The pictures of the scores of Syrian men, women and children, especially the children, dead and dying, horribly, from chemical poisoning, were painful to view.  The starkly graphic nature of the photographs understandably struck a nerve in the public consciousness and aroused a feeling of outrage that cried for retribution and punishment of the perpetrators of the chemical attack.  It is not surprising then that the U.S. missile attack has been so widely applauded as an action that was way over-due and necessary.  Syrian President Assad  has been without question ruthless, cruel and merciless in his struggle to hold on to power in that country.  It has been established with certainty that he has used chemical weapons in the past in this civil war, but that has not been so with this incident.  The photographs show that many people were killed by chemicals but it is not certain as to who did it.

The only reliable evidence is the report of the World Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons- its verdict – Assad has no chemical weapons. There is a high probability that a chemical weapons warehouse owned by IGIL was bombed and they were poisoned with their own chemical weapons.  This seems to be the contention of the Russians, but of course, how much can we rely on what they say.  Further, why would Assad use chemicals in an attack at this point in the war when he has all but driven the rebels form the field.  He can inflict much more damage by conventional bombs than through chemicals, which arouse bad publicity, whereas, people dying from bombs don’t  seem to trouble us as much.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the astrology of the events, and in particular, compare it with the astrology of the chart of the Iraq War on 2003.  Iraq War Syria Attack

As I looked at this chart I was amazed to see that Saturn is now in the mid-course of a cycle begun  at the launching of the 2003 Iraq War.

Saturn’s sidereal period (orbit around sun / a Saturn year) takes 29.42 Earth-years. Each Earth-Saturn Synodic Cycle has an average duration of 376 Earth-days. Because Saturn’s orbit is slightly eccentric (not a perfect circle) at 0.05552, Saturn speeds up and slows down during its annual orbit around the Sun.

On March 30, 2003, when the Iraq War began Saturn was located at 23 Gemini 18.  In mid-January, in fact almost to the day of Mr. Trump’s Inauguration,  Saturn  was at 23 Sagittarius in an exact opposition to where it was in March, 2003, 23 Gemini 18!  What this suggests, astrologically, is that the US missile attack is not just some kind of fluke  event, a momentary thing of no substantial consequence, but, in fact, is the culmination of actions initiated in March, 2003, and further, we are just half-way through, at best, of this most disastrous period in our national history.  There is much more to come.

I will not delineate here all of the interconnecting aspects between the two charts.  You can see at a glance there are several, which you can study at your leisure.  I will call attention to the prominence of Mars, Pluto and Mercury in the charts, in particular, how these are the focus of a T Square with  the very tight opposition of Jupiter, Mercury and Sun.  I have written in some of the significant mid/points.  Also notice the emphasis of 19 Aquarius, the Ascendant of the missile attack chart activates the mid/points of Mercury/Pluto, Sun/MC and Uranus/Neptune.

US Atack on Syria 4-7-17

Before closing I want to call attention to the Neptune in the missile attack chart.  Neptune we see is located at 13 Pisces, in the 1st House.  Because it is in the first, it automatically rises in significance, but we find that it is essentially unaspected, it has no major aspects, and only one minor aspect a wide, 4 degree orb, semi-square to Uranus.  What does this mean?  Any unaspected planet in a chart is a sort of “free-ranger”, or “Joker” in a nativity or event.  It is inherently unpredictable in its actions.  With Neptune there is always some ambiguity, lack of definition, haziness,, and possibly, deceit and deception.  Neptune in the first is a definite indicator that much of what we think about the missile attack may be wrong, that we may have been deliberately deceived and there is much more to the story than we know now; in particular, to what extent did pure politics play in this?  The Trump Administration’s popularity numbers were tanking.  I haven’t seen the numbers since the attack but I would bet that they have taken a very nice bounce upward.   George W Bush’s presidency was rescued from mediocrity by the September 11 attacks, DJT is smart enough to see that the American public loves see us kick – some -b—.  Neptune is at a deeper level,  the planetary archetype of the “collective unconscious”, that is, it symbolizes the unseen psychic energies that move and motivate humanity.  Neptune rising suggests that deep collective forces are involved here, and have been,forces  that must play out, as they will, the consequences of which will be long lasting.