US Missile Attack on Syria:Redux


The astrologer’s nemesis is often ‘time’, if it is not correct then the matter of the chart at hand will not be satisfactorily understood or acted on.  The likelihood of an error increases sharply when the astrologer is called upon to set up charts in unfamiliar territory.  This is what happened to me in my last posting on this subject of the missile attack on Syria. I got the time wrong.  Here is the correct chart, I promise.

US Atack on Syria 4-7-17

I think the most productive way to look at this chart is with the question” what could be the consequences of this attack?”  We admit the attack could not have been predicted using conventional astrology, so let’s look at the chart for the indicators  of this event, and then try to project what the ramifications of the attack could be and whether this is just  the first volley in a long-term military engagement?

What we notice immediately is Mars exactly conjunct the IC ( 4th house)of the wheel.  Thus the 4th House , ‘the home’, ‘the homeland’, is directly under the “beams of Mars” ( at this point on the Earth’s surface).  Mars will pass this point every 24 hours of course so this fact alone is not significant.  We need connections for the pot to boil.  We find these in several places:  Mars is exactly ( 1 degree orb) square to the Ascendant @ 19 Aquarius 19; Mars is  trine  Pluto which square to Jupiter, which is quincunx to Mars; the aspect circuit thence returns to Mars.

This configuration of Mars, Ascendant , Pluto and Jupiter could be conceived of as a sort of “critical mass”, which, when the Moon comes into view, that is forms a square with Mars, the event is triggered.  This is how I  imagine it happening, perhaps you see other things going on here.

Now to the question of “what happens next, is the U.S. in for a major military engagement?”

It is not a good omen that Aquarius is the rising sign, because it is ruled by Saturn.  Saturn situations and conditions for solid, chronic, and protracted.  Saturn is in the 11th House.  This is place that Saturn likes and will want to stay a long time. It is house of our hopes and wishes, with Saturn here these will not be optimistic.  Saturn is also part of a rather tight grand trine with Moon and Uranus.  Grand trines are aspect patterns of momentum, which means that once things start rolling it is hard to stop them, and this is a Fire grand trine, hence it will have an abundance of energy it keep it fired up and moving.

It appears that the “war that has really never ended” will resume and we will “have the same thing, but just a little different”.