Trump in Syria – Another view

shayratAbove is a picture of the attack.  I like maps and always want to know where geographically things are and the geopolitical boundaries involved.  I am using the same coordinates as the previous post.

syrian support.png

The News Cycle

On Capitol Hill, many lawmakers described the attack as long overdue and a necessary exercise of American leadership on the world stage, even as many Democrats warned that President Trump will need to seek their approval if he strikes Assad again or tries to escalate American involvement in the war. ….

The challenge for Trump in the coming days will be whether he can find a way to capitalize on the momentum from the strike and craft a long-term strategy without getting sucked more deeply into the grinding six-year-old conflict, which shows no signs of ending soon.

The Pentagon has so far indicated that there are no further military plans to retaliate against Assad and that it will continue its effort to defeat the Islamic State in the region.  —

A site with lots of shots is War is Boring, click here to see and read their commentary.  WaPo’s  article, cited above, also has a video of the event.

The Charts of Shayrat, Syria & DJT

Inkedassad attack_LI.jpg

The Ascendant of the Attack is 19.59 Aquarius.  It is in direct opposition of President Trump’s Mars conjoined Ascendant setting up a volatile Translation of Light, as well as a T-Square whose outlet is at 17.54 Gemini (Trump chart).    That setup seems clear enough; the President’s  War Lord Mars sends a strong message of “we are displeased” to the Base.    The question though of what?

Why bomb?

To find out that reason, look to the Purple Yod on the Attack inner chart to conclude that the issue of Weapons of Mass Destruction is back on the table.   Sarin Gas, reported by nearby Turkey, is an organophosphorus ester compound that produces potent and irreversible inhibition of cholinesterase, a neurally toxic substance that while not an explosive is flammable (the Methane), is a  chemical warfare agent. Our chart supports this:  the head of the Yod is found in the intercepted second house, —  Uranus at 17.24  in Aries i.e. newly formulated chemicals) are the problem.

Uranus in the attack’s chart has the Symbol of an “Empty Hammock” with the keyword of Rumi-nation, an interesting choice as the Mystic poet Rumi comes from Afghanistan —   view the trek on the Google Earth Pro map below– that is  3,445 kilometers (2,100 miles) away from Syria.  Still, it’s rather apropos, considering the context of the symbol that

From Syria to Rumi –

Assad’s WMD buildup was a result of his inability to comprehend the conflicts of his actions to the world as a whole; we have known about this since August 21, 2013, —  1325 days or 53 moon cycles ago — as well as his consistent effort to dodge them (Uranus Aries 18).    President Obama and the UN warned him to cease production.  As it is in the second house, Syria’s reputation will take a great setback from the Turkish discovery and the US attack.

sun head.jpg
The orange is the first YOD discussed, telling us what the motivation was.  The Brown is the second YOD giving us  Assad’s reason for the building.

Why the Assad Sarin build up?

The next Yod in the Attack Chart is shown in Brown above and with Vesta in the sixth house points to Bashar Assad’s motivation.  The head is found in the seventh house at the Moon, suggesting that Assad needs to be aware of other nations fears and worries.

As Vesta is part of the Yod, at Cancer 23.30 in the sixth house, he is immune to that message because he considers his welfare of higher importance than others frivolous concerns.  This is symbolized by the Sabian Symbol of a “Woman and two men on a bit of land” that sums up that issue up well.  Its keyword is inception and suggests his concern is more with his self-potential, as Syria’s Alawite ruler,  while being divorced from the reality of his that his neighbors might get involved.

The Worldwide Effect of the Attack

Inkedassad attack_LI.jpg

The third Yod is made up by the upper arms being Line of Personality, that aspect between Jupiter and Saturn.  Its apex is Mars and Ceres, an odd combination between the War Lord and the Caregiver in the third house, but appropriate here as the President said he was horrified by the pictures out of Turkey of the Sarin victims.  Before he bombed, he notified Russia to remove all essential personnel and ships, and received counsel from his Chief of Staff (General McMaster)  and Secretary Tillerson of his TDR “Speak softly and carry a big Stick” watch-it-buddy approach; McMaster is quoted that it “was about time.”

                            America as Policeman?

Here in the third yod we see how the TDR Corollary of the Monroe Doctrine plays out in the world theater and the head is in the Ninth House of the ninth house rules judicial system, morality, religion, diplomats, foreign missions, progress, and development.   When afflicted, it has a close relationship to Rahu or Rahu-like planets, as it highlights the incidence of corrupt practices and setbacks for the fortune of the country in question. Russia and the Left are saying that this is the Dubya and Bush scenario and WAR is imminent.  I do not see this — at least not today.  Instead, I think that is reminiscent of the Reagan-Gaddafi scenario where we bombed the heck out of Syria, but Gaddafi remained in charge.  (It took President Barack Obama, the Novel Peace Prize winner, to remove him.)  I do not see that Trump will be different, and if anyone removes the Al-Assad, it will be their puppet master, Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Trump has made it known he admires Reagan, and in the Eighties, he spent a lot of time at President Nixon’s knee learning from the Master himself all about foreign policy

e 65.jpg
The former Nixon residence today.  Approx. Worth 12 million via Trulia


















So the question is, not what would Bush or Obama do?  But what would Nixon and Reagan do?  And I honestly cannot see any followup, just that this was a one-off timed for the Red Leader’s visit to the White House as a warning about what could happen if the North Korean situation develops.

The Part of Fortune, or destiny of the attack is 10 Libra, a “Canoe approaching safety through rough waters.”  The keyword is Competency and highlights the importance of a skilled navigator that leads the party to success.  It is conjunct Trump’s Neptune (see the wheel of the event and the US up top) that tells us he felt it was a duty to do the right thing and set the tone in the right direction.  It is though part of the apex of the Orange, second yod, but I think that has more to do with Assad’s good luck in that Damascus was spared, than it does with the US & Trump.

No matter what, have a Peaceful Palm Sunday.