The Venus,Sun Conjunction, Today

At 5:17 AM this morning, March 25,  Venus passed between the Earth and the Sun ( inferior conjunction) at 4 Aries 57.  Venus is invisible and has been for several days because it is hidden in the Sun’s rays, but in about 7 days,March 31,  it will become visible again;this re-appearance will be a “heliacal rising” of Venus.  Venus, at that time, will be moving ahead of the Sun as the Morning Star and will continue in this phase for about 260 days.  Venus, right now  is still retrograde, however, it will have a direct station ( return to a forward direction through the zodiac signs), on April 15 at 26 Pisces 55.

Venus-Sun Conjunction 3-2017.1

This Venus,Sun conjunction today occurs only 5 days after the Aries Ingress, and at about the same hour and minute of the Ingress, thus the planet and house placements for this conjunction are very similar to those in the wheel for that event. This suggests a close connection between the Venus transits this Venus cycle with what the Aries Ingress will bring about.

The 5th degree of Aries is highlighted by this conjunction; the Sabian Symbol for that degree reads: “A triangle with wings” – the image of a triangle suggests the archetype of the – Triad, Trinity and Threeness -contemplation of the equilateral triangle may lead to an  experience of peace, harmony, a sense of stability and Oneness because Three is the next prime number after One.   Three is associated with spirituality, and in this case  spirituality is accentuated because because the triangle has “wings”, it has literally left the ground, it is transcendent. This cycle of Venus will be significantly imprinted by a quest for peace and harmony and for a authentic sense of the transcendent, an awareness of a “moreness” in our daily living routines that will raise these out of the habitual ruts that tends to be the norm.

G.I.Gurdjieff’s teaching stressed the importance of understanding the Law of Three, the Three Forces that govern the universe – the affirming, the denying, and the reconciling. In other words, every process, activity, is initiated by the three forces.  The arising of the image of the Triangle for this cycle perhaps is directing our attention  to this Law of Three.  Simply put, life lived at the level of Two inevitably suffers from conflict between polarized forces, which can be resolved when a Third Force enters the scene.  The Law of Three is therefore a very useful tool in helping one deal with complex relationships by providing a way to bring leverage that lifts an impasse to a higher level where it can be resolved.  Buddhists called this using skillful means.  Venus is the “harmonizer” planet.

We should also be aware that this Venus cycle will develop  under the influence of Aries, which is not a good place for Venus, it is in its “fall” in Aries.  What does this mean?  The basic characteristics of Aries are polar opposites of those of Venus. Aries tends to be impetuous, excitable, quick to anger, aggressive, and hyper-active, and so on.   Venus is of course very laid back and loves things to be peaceful and harmonious.  With Venus in Aries, the natural emotional sensitivity, the “moisture” of Venus gets “sucked dry” by the natural “heat” of Aries, and a dried out Venus is not happy.  So, the general advisement for this Venus cycle is to maintain your mental and emotional equilibrium, in other words, pace yourself, don’t get caught up in energy wasting dramas.  Be “mindful” of what you are doing.


Venus and Amor