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Spring Equinox, March 20, 2017

Aries Ingress 2017.1

                                                                Spring 2017 has Sprung

Each spring on March 20 or 21 the Sun moves (ingresses) into the sign Aries, this is the Vernal Equinox.  The above wheel is the chart for this event set at Washington, D.C.   Vernal Equinox charts set for the capitals of countries are a valuable tools that have been  used by astrologers for many ages  to evaluate the coming year’s prospects for nations.  Let’s look at some of the notable features of this chart to see what may be in store for America during the next 12 months.

Astrologers always give particular attention to the sign and degree of the Ascendant, in this chart, 10 Pisces 18 ( the 11th degree of Pisces) is rising.  The Sabian Symbol for this degree is: “

Men seeking illumination” – a symbol of men as dramatized in some form of apostolic succession, or a living tradition of spiritual achievement. The divine spirit is fundamentally a matrix of itself, since its continuance depends on its unswerving maintenance of the purity in motive and expression which it has contributed to the humanity it has created in its own image.

 A keyword is: DEDICATION, in a positive indication this is indicative of high accomplishment in an effective alignment with ultimate reality, but in a negative indication reveals a base, feckless hypocrisy masquerading as someone or something of value and integrity.

 The presence of Neptune at 12 Pisces 24, only a couple of degrees away for the Ascendant, is also clearly significant, especially in view of the the spiritual connotations of the degree symbol.  The traditional ruler of Pisces is Jupiter, ( and also Neptune, according to modern astrological lore). Pisces is found at the 10th house in this chart, the place of authority and public manifestation and 19 Sagittarius 13 is the sign/degree of the MC ( midheaven).   Jupiter is then the ruler of both of the important angles of this chart — the Ascendant and Midheaven, indicating a potentially momentous year.

The Sabian Degree Symbol for the 20th degree of Sagittarius is:

“Men cutting through ice”- a symbol that suggests the  capacity with which people can organize the resources and processes of nature for the benefit of the community at large.  When expressed in a positive manner there is an exceptional capacity for overcoming obstacles and capitalizing on every opportunity, but, negatively, there is a lack of perspective and unnecessary acceptance of hardship.

                                                                                  A Grand Cosmic Cross

The most significant planetary pattern is a grand cross made up of Jupiter opposing Mercury & Uranus  and Pluto at the focal point of the pattern.  The newly discovered Eris (keyword word is disruption) is near Uranus, and the asteroid Vesta completes the fourth leg of the cross.   (see the horoscope at the beginning of this article)

Finally,  I want call your attention to in the horoscope, the presence of Saturn and the Moon in an almost exact conjunction in the Sagittarius in the 10th.  The 10th house from a mundane astrological perspective represents the Executive Branch of the government, hence, the President.  The grand cross pattern is augmented by a wide sextile from Jupiter to Saturn & Moon and a trine from Uranus, creating a Kite Configuration.

So, you may ask, “what does this all mean?”

The houses of the chart tell us about the “circumstances” of an issue or situation but the grand cross pattern forms the fundamental structure of the chart, activating the 2nd, 11th, 8th and 5th houses of the chart.  The accentuation of the 5th is  supplementary  to this main action because it is an asteroid not a planet. The 2nd & 8th house axis relates  to material issues – the 2nd house highlights survival:  the productions that are basic in life, food, water, shelter and mundanely the financial institutions of a nation and its economy.   At a deeper level this house relates to the fundamental social values of a society; what the people “hold dear” like money — one of the cornerstones of what people never discuss (the other two are religion and sex).

Across from the 2nd House lies the 8th broadly considered to be not a very nice place to be because it is associated with “death”, though that has been retermed “transformation”& “rebirth”, and most positively as where we find “other peoples (ones partners, relations) money”.  Jupiter is located here suggesting  that during the year the nation may face a monetary crisis or a monetary transformation  — taxes are on the Congressional and more imporantly the Presidential agenda.

Looking at the 11th house – the government requires many institutional organizations in order to govern, among the most important is the Congress ( legislatures, generally), and civil service workers, local officials.  etc.  This is the house of friends, hopes and wishes, thus it may reflect the general mood of the people -are they optimistic or depressed? This is place to find other nations that are friendly to ones country.  Pluto here is indicative a rather over-stressed population, that is looking for a “power” to save them, a Superman that comes to their aid.  It is rather ominous that the President’s “right-hand man”, Mr. Bannon is on record as saying that the “government institutions, agencies should be blown up!”  Pluto sitting here in the 11th may just give him the opportunity to do just that or this more personal?  It’s hard to know which at this point.

              As the World turns

In summary: Material issues, finances, taxes, budgets will be on the “front burner” this year, as will the Congress, which, since Pluto is its planetary indicator, will appear to hold most of the power, but internal conflict between its members will be intense, perhaps violent, no holds barred conflict, as the representatives of the multitude of interest groups and constituencies  demand their “piece of the pie”.

With Saturn and the Moon in the Sagittarian 10th, also the house of the President , in positive aspect to the grand cross, the President may  if he so chooses serve as a needed arbiter of the legislative struggles and pull things together; or, take the negative path, and play the dictator/despot (Saturn) card  and try to gain advantage for himself from the situation.

I find that the Sabian symbols highlighted in this chart are very suggestive of the potentialities that are offered this astrological year for the country:  Neptune is “men seeking illumination” at our threshold while Saturn a sextile away gets the symbols of “seagulls flying around a ship in the expectation of food”.  The two make a yod that terminates at Vesta (keyword Philosophy) in the Fifth House of Cancer and begs the question: How will we address these issues?  What is the administration, and Congress’s philosophy towards the untamable energies that have developed a domesticated dependence upon the by-products of government?¹   Will we acknowledge them or will we ignore it — tied up as we are in a our personal emotional turmoil, ignorance and greed?  We have the next nine months to find out.

Aristotle and babe

Dittrick Museum: Aristotle’s Masterpiece : the most popular book on reproduction and birth before 1830.  it was not written by Aristotle and it is doubtful that he dressed like that in warm Athens.


  1.  Dane Rudhyard’s An Astrological Mandala, c. 1973, Vintage Books. pg. 127-128

On the download chart, the Equatorial Ascendant is also the Aries Point ( 17.28 Pisces) for the chart.   It has the symbol of “in a gigantic tent, villagers witness a spectacular performance,” with a keyword of “public self-dramatization.”



download the chart for the 2017 spring ingress



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