America’s Collective Karma & Trump

The current issue of The Mountain Astrologer (TMA)  has two articles that I am particularly interested in: “The 2016 Election, A Vedic Postmortem”, and “An Astronomical View of Venus Retrograde”, in this brief essay I want to explore the former topic.

I and most of us Americans were profoundly astonished on November 8 as we watched the election returns come in  and realized that what we  did not believe would ever, ever, happen, was actually happening, right before our bleary eyes.  Yes, Donald Trump was going to become our next beloved or bedeviled President.  “This can not be, how could this have happened”, we asked, whomever would listen.  No one has yet come up with a very good answer.  Yes, the formerly well employed ‘rust-belt’ workers were a likely factor in his success, as were the Appalachian coal  miners and the ‘illegal immigrants’ haters, and so on, but it still does not seem to all add up.  What are we left with? Actually astrology might lift the veil a bit and reveal some light on the question.


Not only was the American public greatly surprised by the election results, so were the astrologers, that almost without exception, those that dared to “walk the plank” to make a prediction, opted for a Hillary win.

Two astrologers I know that did not go with a Hillary win were Joni Patry and Linda Johnsen, the author of this TMA article.   Patry and Johnsen I should mention are Vedic astrologers.

Johnsen begins her article  by saying:” The 2016 presidential election is over, and the postmortem blame -game is in full swing: Hillary lost because  of Russian hackers, fake news…I’d like to propose another reason time itself.  In India, time is the vector that materializes the consequences of our actions inexorable cycles.”  She goes on to say: “Modern astrology is, for the most part, the astrology of personality…the Hindu system is radically different.  Vedic astrology is the science of karma.”

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This got my attention.  As I look back over the events of this presidential primary campaign and the outcome of the election I can not help but wonder if there was not some kind of  ‘karmic force’ involved.   There has never been a U.S. election where a candidate with such high negative popularity ratings won an election; where a candidate won despite deliberately insulting millions of people; or admitted to sexually  abusing women;  or repeatedly making false statements, etc. and so on.

Ms.  Johnsen says that if you want to understand the subtle forces at work in the election you need to know how the Hindus understand karma, which is in three varieties , namely: individual karma, collective karma and planetary karma, each of these is manifested in three levels: weak, medium and fixed.

Regarding America’s collective karma, according Vedic principles, the U.S. entered its 18 year Rahu (dasha) cycle in September 2015. A minor Rahu dasha is also active during this time until June of 2018, so there is a doubling of the Rahu dasha effect during  this period.

America has been through two previous Rahu dashas:  the first was also a double that occurred at the nation’s birth, July 1776 and lasted throughout George Washington’s presidency. This was of course a period of massive public discontent, confusion and strife.  The second time through the Rahu cycle began in 1896, a period of the Robber Barons and intense labor union activity, strikes, and violence, right before President William McKinley took office in 1897.rahu

Looking at DJT’s vedic chart we see that he was born during a lunar eclipse that makes Rahu extraordinarily powerful.  It puts him in sync with the current prevailing U.S. Rahu era.The Sun, which rules Leo his rising sign (see here for argument against that) , is in the 10th House  conjunct to  Rahu (the Moon’s North Node; Ketu is the Moon’s South Node).

This is without argument a very strong indicator of fame and power, and in the extreme, an egotistical and overbearing personality.  During the campaign Trump was running his Rahu dasha;  as it was transiting his 1st house and a Mars sub-cycle was also activated, all that contributed to his astrological advantage over Mrs. Clinton.

The icing  on the karmic cake might be the amazing synergy between DJT’s chart and the Declaration of Independence chart.  I have in the past taken each U.S. President’s  natal chart and run a comparison with the U.S. chart, there have been some very interesting correlations, but the DJT/U.S. combo is, hands down, the most striking.  I will not detail it here but look for yourself.  Johnsen’s conclusion is that “in astrological terms, Trump’s energy completely dominates the destiny of the United Sates of America.”

A very disheartening assessment if you see nothing good  on the horizon of a DJT presidency –  but Time, and Karma,  will tell the story.


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