Donald J Trump, a Virgo Ascendant guy?

I realize that it may appear to be a very long stretch of the imagination to conceive of Donald Trump as a Virgo Ascendant fellow, he so clearly fits the image of a Leo type, and, on top of this, his birth data is rated AA. ( ASC: 29 LEO 55, MC: 24 TAU 18 ) . I ask you to consider with an open mind a few points that I think you may agree could be indicative of a Virgo ASC for DJT.


The popular birth time for DJT.


First, let’s assume that the delivery nurse had an eye on the hospital clock as she slapped little Don John’s pink backsides and duly recorded the amazing experience as occurring precisely at 10:54 AM EDT. This looks about as perfect as anything an astrologer could ask for. However, consider this, the hospital clock did not display seconds (remember DT’s birth was in pre-digital clock days), thus, let’s say the ‘actual’ birth time was 10:54:30 AM EDT. Humm, this is entirely possible. If this were what happened, then DT’s ASC would have shifted just barely into Virgo, by about 4 minutes, or so.

                                             An unsealed letter

Second, let’s look at the Sabian Symbols for these degrees to see how they fit DT’s  personality.   Leo 30 is ‘an unsealed letter,’ with the keyword confidence.  Does this image fit DT?  Well, it does suggest a personality that is exceptionally open and access to other people and society, who realizes that nothing can be hidden because nothing can remain permanently ‘sealed.’

I admit that I am biased against Mr. Trump, I think he was a bad choice for President, but I think by most any objective assessment DT  tends to be a tightly closed book, not an open letter or book.  For example, he has steadfastly refused to follow tradition and reveal his TAX Returns or show much of his vast financial holdings, in fact he goes so far as  asserting that he is not bound by any laws from continuing to operate his businesses from the White House.

There is much food for speculation here, but I leave it to you.  30 Aquarius, the degree opposite 1 LEO is the mysterious “the field of Ardath in bloom,”  and the keyword is: continuity, which can be indicative an exceptional drive to serve others, but, on the other hand, may merely be a witless reaction to fantasy.  To me this image does not seem to fit where Mr. Trump is going with his life.  The position symbol is generally suggest of where in reference to the what implications of the reference degree, in this case 1 Leo.

The proposed “rectified” chart for DJT in the Equal House System


                       Or a Man’s Head?

Now, let us look at the Sabian Symbol for 1 Virgo, which could be the correct degree.  It is ‘a man’s head’, with the keyword: character, suggestive of “an effective self-assurance and an ever clear vision of each emerging opportunity in life, and when negative, inordinate vanity and a consistent overestimation of individual capacities” Here we seem to be onto something.  Every person  has distinctive features of the head and face, otherwise they could not be recognized individually, but some people are of course more ‘recognizable’ than others.  DT does have characteristic head features that cartoonist love to draw. He is no challenge to draw.   I don’t think that there is much disagreement that Mr. Trump is a rather vain man and very image conscious.

The Symbol for the opposition degree, the where to side of the equation, 1 Pisces, is: ‘a public market.’  The keyword is: “commerce.”  What else need be said?  What other keyword could better fit the man who wrote “The Art of the Deal.” We know he likes golf and making deals and getting his name on buildings, what else is he interested in?  Public service?  There is no evidence of that.

DT is a self-admitted germophobe, he does not like to shake hands with people, he likes to sleep in his own bed at night, and reportedly has his private physician check out prospective woman’s health before he will have dalliance with her.

On November 8, Election Day, DT’s secondary progressed Sun was located at 0 Virgo 15!  Isn’t that something.  Another thing to consider, with either ASC degree, DT’s first 30 years were lived under an ASC directed in Virgo.

There are perhaps several other things we could look at in DT’s chart. One other thing I will mention, if we use the  Whole Sign or Equal House system, the Virgo ASC will then make Mercury the ruler of both the First and the Tenth Houses, and a  somewhat stronger argument, in my opinion.





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