Margaret: Pearl of the Green Mountain State

Margaret is a friend of ours who offered up her horoscope for discussion.  Bravo Margaret, we need more volunteers to fill up our database! Margaret’s chart is here,  without our notations.

margaret north node

                      Her Ascendant at 24.02 Scorpio is “An X-Ray” suggesting her integrity and her ability to share herself selflessly with others but it warns of her being oversensitive to her environment particularly as this is semi-sextile her Chiron, the unicorn healer / patient of the zodiac.

She is Bowl temperament Type with a Jupiter handle in the Fourth house.   Margaret to let things go; she is forever expending energy on things particularly that relate to her house and environment.  Jupiter right on the Fifth house cusp also makes her a Drama Queen and melodramatic.

imagesCeres at 21.13 Sagittarius is a “Chinese Laundry” which receives an opposition from the wild card of the zodiac, Uranus, Cancer 09.29, suggesting that these various stresses result in “Seclusion” impairing her mobility, and as it effects the Ninth house, a lot of this is by choice.

Her Part of Fortune at 22.10 less than a degree away from Ceres, suggests “Immigrants Entering”  and her need to surrender extraneous things and people and concentrate what matters most to her but that brings us back to the Bucket and her wanting to be part of everything, and so the samsara tug of needing to let go and not wanting to let go dominates her life.


                                                     Do two T-square make a Grand Cross?

Margaret has two T-Squares in her chart, but no they do not make a Grand Cross.  The first is with Jupiter is opposite Pluto in the ninth house of faith and religion with its outlet at the Moon in the twelfth house, suggesting that experiences with large institutional religion may unleash some bad experiences.  Scorpio 17.28 is the “woods rich in autumn coloring,” with the keyword of Fulfillment but reminds tells her that she needs to heed the desire of following perverse things for the sake of being perverse, as that may ricochet back in her face.

Her next T-Square is between the asteroid Chiron and Uranus pointing to unusual health issues.  The outlet here is at Venus suggesting that they will be debilitating and slowly progressive,  but as Venus is in a stellium of the Sun, Neptune, and Mercury that instead of seeing what she lost, she needs to focus on mastering new talents and modes of communication.

Mercury is the key here, as it is in the tightest orb to the opposition at Libra 06.06.  Its symbol is a “woman feeding chooks and protecting them from the hawks.”  it is on the cusp of the 1-11th house, suggesting that her trials and tribulations should be used as vehicles for greater social awareness, instead of morbid self-pity.

She is a garrulous talker and communicator thanks to her Line of Efficiency and lives for an audience.  YouTube and oral blogging are just two ways for her to communicate with an audience and share her insights, as well as local library chats.  With all four planetary pairs aspected in her chart, Margaret would enjoy the hubbub of social activity & camraderie.