The Lion Roars: Michael Francis Moore

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Michael Moore’s in Equal House


Michael Moore is well known for his various movies starting with the infamous “Roger and Me”  about the auto industry.  In that documentary, Moore mentions that his uncle was one of the men who co-founded the United Auto Works (UAW) and he cuts between his childhood and Roger, then the GM CEO, highlighting their dissimilarities.  From that, small independent movie, he has gone to tackle many other social ills.

He is divorced from his wife Kathleen of twenty-one years. She was often the producer of his films.  The couple had no children.

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Astrological Overview

We rectified Mr. Moore by a degree.  Astrotheme has him at an Ascendant of 16 , we made that 15 .  He has a chart that is split equally between the north (lower) and southern (upper) hemispheres, and the eastern (left) and western (right).  His planetary layout follows a see-saw or hourglass, that shows a  strong humanistic bent  that benefits from changing social situations.

Every pattern has an inherent bias, even if the individual chart does not, and with the See-Saw as Dr. Marc Edmund Jones defined it originally, this type’s bias is towards  adjusting to constant change.  This predilection gives Moore a mutable tendency.   He is not action oriented (cardinal) or firm in his beliefs despite changing mores (fixed), but reactive towards the world around.  Reviewing his film oeuvre, that makes sense.

                                          The T-Cross Pattern

Mr. Moore has three notable oppositions, but only one resolves itself in a strong T-Cross aspect.  The others are unresolved, meaning that they exert a constant push-pull.  The First opposition, the black line on the chart above, is between his large network and his desire to harvest personal experiences.roger and me movie

The second opposition, shown on the chart in orange, is between his own wilfulness (Sun in Aries) versus his Neptune (social obligation).  With no outlet, there isn’t a corresponding  t-cross (an opposition with a square), this is  a constant battle for Moore and gets support from the agreement with his Mars/Moon conjunctions in the fifth house.

This opposition does have a trine to his Pluto, at 23 Leo, but that just increases the tension and does not release it constructively like a square (90-degree aspect) would.


The major opposition that does result in an outward expression is highlighted on the chart in blue.  This is the opposition between Mercury and Saturn that finds release, the actual T configuration, through his Leo Ascendant 16 / 23 Pluto conjunction.  This is a tight integration of his personality (the Ascendant) and his need (Pluto) to express himself &  makes him a fire-brand much in the line of Old Testament prophet Jeremiah using his films to illustrate his vision of a wicked capitalist society gone amok. (Moore for the record was raised Roman Catholic but now says he is an atheist).  That T-square supports his humanist see-saw or hourglass temperament type tendency.

The see-saw temperament type are typically non-religious people as they tend to look askance at theistic (God-centered) ideas & emphasize secular concerns.  The T-square configuration often, but not always, shows up in an hourglass temperament types, as this is how they express themselves to the world.

Highlighted symbols:

Mr. Moore Ascendant is 15 Leo 36 the middle sign of the maternal trinity, and second in the fiery triplicity (Aries and Sagittarius are the other two), therefore it is the central point of the zodiac.   At 16, his ascendant in the middle of the middle,  and as such tends to be a teaching point on the dial.  They and Mr. Moore surely demonstrates this, that they are always in pursuit of a riddle, and know one knows this better than famed Astrologer Alan Leo, who shares this point as his sun.

For Moore, this symbol is demonstrated through his use of daily stresses, UAW vs GM, Affordable Care Act vs Insurance, etc.  It is squared by his Venus, 2Detroit3.39 Taurus, making him rather pedantic and petty.  As Venus is in his tenth house of career and aspirations, this suggests that it is the little quirks in life, that set Mr. Moore off in pursuit of another documentary, and with his Midheaven at 4.45 Taurus suggests that indeed he is rather “touchy”.

The Hyperion symbol is A small box with secret contents, that the natives collects and gathers, in Moore’s case waiting for the right vehicle to display them.

Typically a  Leo ascendant are tall, large boned  with very conspicuous hair when they are young but thin as they age.  They have florid complexions, &  rather squarish in stature.  They usually benefit, like the lion in the jungle, through social connections.  For Mr. Moore that was the case, as his strong connection with the UAW, [his Uncle was a founder of the Union as he helped organize the 1937 GM Fisher-body Flint plant strike] that underwrote his first film, Roger and Me, that helped get him notice.