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Month: February 2017

Not so Sunny von Bulow

Biograph: Martha (Sunny) von Bülow, was an American heiress who first married Austrian playboy prince and then to a Danish-born man-about-society who was twice tried on charges of attempting to […]

Ralph Nader, Hellenistically

Biograph: Today is Ralph Nader’s birthday ( 02/27/1934 @ 4:52 AM, Winsted, CT ). He is a lawyer and consumer advocate who was a four-time candidate for the U.S. presidency (1996, […]

Teriyaki Style: Murderess Sada Abe

Sada Abe was  a prostitute working as a maid in a Tokyo hotel in the Hirohito area, pre-War WWII Japan, 1936.  She strangled her lover, Kichizo Ichida, who was also […]

Margaret: Pearl of the Green Mountain State

Margaret is a friend of ours who offered up her horoscope for discussion.  Bravo Margaret, we need more volunteers to fill up our database! Margaret’s chart is here,  without our […]

Learning about Ceres from Ceres

BIOGRAPH Ceres is an asteroid.  In Greek she is Demeter, the goddess of farmers who lost her daughter Persephone to the dark lord, Hades.  In astronomy, Ceres is the smallest […]

Sen. Pat McCarran, Harry Reid & HUAC

Biograph: Nevada Sen. Patrick Anthony McCarran (Dem 1931-1954) drafted several pieces of legislation in the 1930s and ’40s all of which became the foundation for today’s aviation regulatory structure.  He […]

Enter Stage Left… Alexander Acosta

The Scoop: President Donald Trump on Thursday nominated former National Labor Relations Board member R. Alexander Acosta to serve as U.S. secretary of labor, one day after Trump’s original choice […]

RIP…Norma McCorvey aka Jane Roe

Her lawyer Gloria Allred on the left; Ms. McCorvey in the center, at a rally in support of abortion rights in Washington in 1989. Credit Ron Galella/WireImage The Backstory Norma […]

Rectifying General Michael Flynn

General Michael Thomas Flynn has been in the news a lot lately.  There is no birth data anywhere for him other than place, Barrington Rhode Island and month December and […]

Queen Anne Stuart of Great Britian

Biograph Anne was born in the reign of her uncle Charles II, who had no legitimate children. Her father, James, was then the first in line to the throne, but […]

Exit stage right…Andy Puzder

Today Puzder said in a statement, “After careful consideration and discussions with my family, I am withdrawing my nomination for Secretary of Labor. I am honored to have been considered […]

#282 Queen’s Vic’s PM: Benjamin Disraeli

Dr. Marc E. Jones rectified the PM’s horoscope for his 1954 book, The Guide to Horoscope Interpretation. 1 He obtained the birthdata from Alan Leo’s 1001 Nativities. 2  Jones used the […]

Firecracker Debbie Reynolds

debbie reynolds chart. Debbie Reynolds was unfortunately in the news this past Christmas holiday, when her only daughter, Carrie Frances Fisher, had a heart attack on board a flight from […]

Braveheart: Robert the Bruce

BIOGRAPH: Robert I, the King of Scotland, was born on July 11, 1274, and is perhaps better known in history as Robert the Bruce. He reigned as the King of […]