Visiting the Equal House System

Equal House

The Equal House house is the oldest astrological house system and is based on the Ecliptic, and some astrologers actually call it the Ecliptic system  It has several features:

  1. All the houses are equally spaced, meaning that each house is exactly thirty degrees wide, so it very easy to manually construct.
  2. There are no intercepted houses, as each sign gets its own house, i .e. the chart is divided into twelve equal parts.
  3. The tenth house cusp (cusp is the beginning point of a house) does not necessarily coincide with the Midheaven as in the case  of  Havelock Ellis, born in Croydon, Surrey, UK, at right.
    1. Dr. Ellis’s midheaven is the aqua lettering up top of the chart, right in the middle of the tenth house.

Download Havelock-Ellis here.

Dr. Ellis was an English essayist and physician who studied human sexual behavior.  He challenged 19th-century Victorian taboos against public discussion of the subject very similar to the much later  American Masters & Johnson studies.  Many of his books, including his best, The Task of Social Hygiene, can be found here on

We do not use it for natal charts because of the lack of interceptions, which we think are critical, and the tenth house/midheaven issue, as illustrated above.

Nonetheless, the famous astrologer, the late Lois Rodden, loved it.





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