Whose Labor Day?

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image of Peter McGuire

Peter J. McGuire, the general secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners and a cofounder of the American Federation of Labor, was the first person to suggest that special day to honor those “who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold, ” sometime between Independence Day and Thanksgiving.  He felt that would break up the long period and allow workers to enjoy the beauty of the Creator and rest.

Others contend that it really was a peace offering from President Grover Cleveland, for the killing of a dozen or more striking railway workers in Pullman, Illinois.

We decided to look at the two arguments and see what the Natal Chart of the holiday suggests.

Chart date

The first time that Labor Day was celebrated was in New York City on September 5, 1882 according to the United States Department of Labor.  The whole day was announced by the mayor to be in its honor, so we chose midnight for its birth.


               Anyone for a Bowl?

Its temperament type is a bowl.  All ten planets fall cleanly with the parameters of a hemispheric rim, with just Venus in Libra hitting its edge.  Bowls are rather self-contained types.  This Bowl is totally on the Eastern side of the chart, making the holiday spirit, resourceful, i.e. its participants rely on their own wares for celebration.  They are not looking for outside opportunities or adventure.

With so many planets in the 4th House of the Home and Father, the chart seems to suggest that the original participants stayed at home, rested, talked.  A clue is at 28 Virgo that has the symbol of a “Bald Headed Man.”  It is true that Grover Cleveland was a bit light on the top, but so is Peter McGuire, so we turn to the enlightening words of Marc Edmund Jones who writes that this symbol is more about “widespread opportunities for richer living.”

Holidays do that.

                                      New York, We have an Interception!

Both Mars and Venus are also in the fourth, but they are intercepted or hidden from view.  Typically when planets are intercepted, they do not exert their natural tendencies but are muted and take on the more benign nature.  Martial arts become more sportsmanlike and that acquisitiveness of Venus is now more of the memorable than physical type.

On a final note, we find that the Ascendant is the 06 Cancer, which is very close to Peter McGuire’s own Sun Sign.  This symbol is Game birds feathering their nests and fulfilling the expectations of others through the venue of justifying their personal rights and experiences.

                Gimme a Line

The Lines of Efficiency and Culture are missing from Mr. McGuire’s chart. He does have The Line of Vitality, that aspect between the Sun and Moon is squared in this chart.  That’s rather ironic as Dr. Jones keyword for squares is “construction,” meaning that the situation here requires some type of constructive activity between the Holiday, in this case, and what it is trying to accomplish. Perhaps now as few truly enjoy the holiday but make it a shopping extravaganza, would be a good time to remember the true spirit of the day.

Mr. McGuire also has The Line of Personality that happens between the angles of Jupiter and Saturn are semi-sextile, almost exactly suggesting that the holiday is “too fluid” without true parameters like others we celebrate.  Being as open ended as it is, Jupiter in the twelfth house of large corporations and Saturn in the eleventh of friendships, it has unintentionally become another “political” day of marches, protests, company picnics instead of as originally thought, a day just for the individual.

Thanks Mr. McGuire. We think we’ll take your advice, and hope our readers do too.



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