Scots Rite: Mary Anne MacLeod Trump

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Based on the data from the New Yorker Magazine article, this is our presumptive guess for President Trump’s mother’s horoscope.  The reason that she has so many intercepted houses,.is because she was born in a very northern latitude.  Looking at Swedish director, Ingemar Bergman, gives a similar layout, when using Placidus or Koch maps.    When we run into those charts, we turn to the Argentinian Topocentric House System,  that  was created for such cases.  We do this, instead of our typical Koch system, because we do not believe a one house system fits all cases.


In the end, we rectified Mrs. Trump’s chart to 9:12 AM, three hours later, giving her a 10 Sagittarius ascendant, which E.C. Chambers in his book, Degrees of the Zodiac Analyzed, gives her “zeal”.  PM Winston Churchill has the same degree for his Sun.  You can download her chart here.mrs-fred-trump.

                                 She’s leaving home

We know little about Mrs. Trump herself, other than tidbits reported like the New Yorker story aforementioned.  The Map though does shed a little more light on the lady, confirming that she was born with some amount of wanderlust to leave her native Scotland and go aboard,  full of optimistic conviction that things would turn out.

With Pluto in her seventh house, we wonder if the reason was not because as her 28 Pluto in Gemini suggests that she felt that the opportunity in her natives Lewes was “bankrupt” and as the keyword for this symbol suggests, she needed “deliverance” from a bleak and sterile environment.  If so, going to New York City and not a much closer,  London, was a rather fortuitous choice.  Maybe the issue there, was London was not far enough, or as a Scottish patriot, she did not want to become English.

Neptune next to Mars in her eighth house does suggest that she was concerned about her Scottish identity and sextile her midheaven in 08 Libra, that she felt her destiny was in the East.

                                                                       Vital Lines

Mrs. Trump has no aspects for her Line of Vitality.  The orb between the Sun and the Moon is too great to matter.  Marc Edmund Jones writes that in that case, that she does not take physical control of her life, but relies much more on fate, rather apropos for a devout Presbyterian.

Actually the only planetary pair that she does have, is the Line of Personality , that aspect between her Saturn and Jupiter.  In Mrs. Trump’s case it is trine like the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung.  This Dr. Jones writes, that she has a “natural momentum” with great sensitivity to her opportunities.  It also agrees with her presidential son, that it belies her  “surplus of mental energy” in handling anything thrown at her.

Perhaps besides her golden hair, President Trump also inherited those attributes from his Mum.  We’ll have to check, won’t we?

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