An Aussie Great: Don Bradman


Donald George “Don” Bradman, AC (27 August 1908 – 25 February 2001), is referred to as “The Don”, and widely acknowledged as the greatest batsman of all time. His career Test batting average of 99.94 is often cited as the greatest achievement by any sportsman in any sport.

Sir Donald had a meteoric rise from bush cricket to the Australian Test team that took just a bit over two years. Before his 22nd birthday, he set many records for top scoring, some of which still stand, and became Australia’s sporting idol at the height of the Great Depression.  His stats actually could have been greater, but Australia interrupted the cricket for World War II.

He was married once.  He died at the grand age of 93.

Chart:bradman chart

Sir Donald Bradman’s map can be downloaded here.

Neither Alan Leo, Aleister Crowley nor Marc Edmund Jones covered his horoscope, unfortunately. We would like to rectify that mistake now.


Temperament Type:

Interestingly, the Great Batsman, comparable to the American Babe Ruth, is a bucket with his handle as Uranus located in the fifth house of creativity & sport.  It conjunct Juno, making him loyal and steady, to his wife, his sport and country — there can be doubt that England would have loved to steal him away!

There are many other famous Uranian bucket handles like the politician and former Presidential candidate and Alabama Governor, George Wallace,  President J. F. K and showman Johnny Carson, which shows how this layout spans a variety of careers. Many current astrological writers consider the Uranian bucket important for high impact individuals who make unique contributions to their field; it is the  handle in Uranus, showing in what area of their life that may be.

Sir Donald’s Saturn is his eighth house which is ruled by Aries, the fiery warrior of the zodiac giving him a strong competitive spirit.  It is however intercepted,  telling us that this was not immediately apparent in his youth.  It seems that it needed the outlet of Cricket for that martial spirit to come out, and shows his indomitable spirit.  shows the great discipline that he put into his work particularly as that is the short leg, or T, the outward expression,  to his T-Cross that is between Uranus and Neptune (the cross or opposition).  That Saturn is also part of the trailing portion of his Bowl that Uranus drags into the future, showing his great ability to think and respond quickly on his feet, an integral aspect for any batter and/or fielder.

Saturn is also the taskmaster of the zodiac showing the great mental discipline that Sir Donald put into his work as it is opposite quicksilver Mercury, the planet of commerce, and mental concentration.  That Mercury is also part of the trailing portion of his Bowl that T-cross of Uranus drags into the future, showing his great ability to think and respond quickly on his feet, as well as think about his legend, for there is no doubt he wanted to be one.

The Incredible First House

Probably though what first strikes anyone is the richly endowed first house of personality. It is one jam packed stellium, with just the Part of Fortune at 22 starting the group and ending with slippery Mercury ending the group at 10 Virgo. We see this as someone who literally worked tirelessly to become a famous person in their field.

His ascendant at Leo 20, the symbol of Zuni sun worshippers and their fidelity to the Sun, suggests not only his love of that summer sport, like Baseball Cricket is a summer adventure, but also his loyalty to his homeland Australia, as there is no doubt that many clubs would have loved to take him away, but Sir Donald did not only want to excel, he wanted his newly formed country, Australia (it was created in Federation in 1901) to have all the credit.

Line of Vitality

Sir Donald’s  Line of Vitality, that conjunction between the Sun and the Moon, emphasizes “activity” as Dr. Marc Edmund Jones wrote in his Guide to Horoscope Interpretation. It shows the importance in Bradman’s life upon being self-confident and full of enthusiasm for whatever activity he was in at that time.

Line of Culture

Sir Donald  has an opposition in his Line of Culture between Neptune at 17 Cancer to Uranus at 14 Capricorn. Dr. Jones notes that George Washington, America’s first and greatest president, has this aspect as well. He writes that this makes the person more attuned to getting the “job done” than personal social advancement.

Australian Prime Minister John Howard called him the “greatest living Australian” in 2001, shortly before he reposed. We can only agree, and say he was indeed a True Blue Aussie.


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