Do as thou wilt: Aleister Crowley

Aleister and Rose on the Cairo honeymoon

Aleister Crowley wrote prodigiously.   His works “The Book of the Law”, “Magick in Theory and Practice,” Diary of Drug Fiend and “The Book of Thoth” are almost de rigueur reading for occultists.  His tarot deck, the Thoth Tarot, is nonpareil.  It was created with Lady Frieda Harris and Israel Regardie, then his personal secretary and later president of the Golden Dawn.  This trio is depicted on the deck’s Nine of Disks, that is titled Gain.

Download Aleister-Crowley’s chart here.

The Book of the Law was written by automatic handwriting i.e. It was channeled from a higher being called Aiwaz (or Aiwass) who lived in Chaldea during the reign of Hammurabi (around 1750 BC) to him.  He was actually very proud of this book, using it as a bible for his own religion – Thelema.  To read more about his life and endeavors, click here, though to be honest, we find the site sensationalistic.  There are lots more out there though like the Thelemapedia or “his own” page here.

                                Chart Highlights

We are not rectifying Aleister’s chart.  We assume that he already did that and doubt we could improve upon Master Theiron’s work.  His Ascendant is at 08 Leo that the Hyperion Symbols by G K. McClung gives the symbol of “Zeus’s thunderbolt,” an image that we think he would approve.

His chart is heavily western-based, telling us that he was all about choices and opportunities but also an introverted thinker.  His career supports those generalizations.  Crowley has a  Leo Ascendant that tends to make its natives large  with broad shoulders and a florid complexion.  One we know flushes easily which is very discernible with their light olive complexion.   Leo rising also makes the natives, self-confident, ambitious and fond of power with a tendency towards the dramatic.  Of course in Crowley’s case, all of this is affected, either weakly or strongly,  by that mighty Grand Cross part of which is made up of Saturn in the Seventh House that suggests for him, learning to cooperate with others in teamwork was important to his growth as an individual.

Saturn is square Pluto at the Midheaven suggesting that power issues always reared their head with Crowley and while he was able to do that professionally, he was not able to do that in marriage, hence his many marriages cum liaisons that all went south.  Only his professional relationship with Israel Regardie and Frieda Harris were long lasting and magnanimous.   Also as his Pluto is at the Midheaven he was interested in archaeology, ala the honeymoon visit to the Egyptian tombs, and research into occult or “secret” philosophies.

Next, as part of the Grand Cardinal Cross, his Saturn is square his Mercury in his Fourth House in Scorpio, conjunct Jupiter, showing how he was able to integrate his intellect to avoid becoming fragmented or detail bound but instead rise above the fray with a surprising light touch.

The final opposition to his Saturn is an exact opposition to his Uranus in the First House at 19.10 Leo.  Here we see how Crowley tried to integrate his originality into a new Aeon starting with himself by being more articulate, more open and more expansive than anyone else at the time.  This caused untold problems, first at home, then at school and then with the Golden Dawn that tossed him out for breaking their code of silence on their inner rites.  He left, claim foul, and founded his own Mystery School.  Years later his secretary, Regardie, opened up all of the Golden Dawn to the public following in his esoteric father’s footsteps.

images_asbuddhistRead the book review of Diary-of-a-drug-fiend 

                                                                 The Crowley lines

Of Marc Edmund Jones’s five departments, the one that is most prominent in Crowley’s chart is the Line of Efficiency 1, that aspect between Mars and Venus.  Jones writes that when in sextile it gives a “particular dramatization” to the native’s affairs.  His early writing partner, Evangeline Adams, also had this aspect but it had a minor effect and showed her interest in “the everyday and practical affairs of people.”  That difference between the two suggests the real reason for their astrological writings to have such great success:  a marriage of practicality and elan.

His Line of Vitality is trine, the aspect between the Sun and the Moon, suggesting a creative aspect towards his self-expression.

His Line of Culture, Neptune aspected to Uranus, is in opposition showing his awareness of how his intuition reacts with his surroundings.  This is shown not only by the automatic writing of some of his books but also how the spirit of the Egyptian god Thoth came to him while in the Cairo Museum of Antiquities during his honeymoon.

The fourth line, of Personality, is between Jupiter and Saturn that is squared in his chart which is also squared in his partner, Evangeline Adams chart as well.  This aspect suggests their ability for a personal concern with things as a touchstone for their creativity.

Mr. Crowley has all four lines found in his chart.  We have found in our survey that this typically suggests a narcissistic or self-centered personality.

                                                                 The Symbols

Crowley’s Mars is at 25 Capricorn in the fifth house of creativity, children, and speculation.  The Sabian Symbol is A dark shadow thrown suddenly over the right shoulder, symbolizing the natives obligation as a leader and his vehicle his own self-expression of inner potentiality.

His Venus is at 25 Virgo has the symbol of a Flag at half-mast that symbolizes the native’s own need for self-fulfillment in a manner that brings them immortality in a series of self-dramatized superficialities.

                        Temperament Type

Crowley is a see-saw according to Marc Edmund Jones which is the most common type of Temperament Type.  Astrologer Robert Jansky retermed this an hourglass.  In both cases, the native goes through life trying to be an acrobat on a high wire act, balancing this way and that to get his equilibrium.   Because of the oppositions in the chart, and for his see-saw to work there always must be some mediating string or person that unites the tension between the two segments of the natives life and creates a whole.

images_explorerA Fixed Grand Cross

Another major feature of Aleister Crowley’s layout is the Grand Cross (see above) in fixed elements.  One example that Marc Edmund Jones makes in this book, How to learn astrology, is financier J. P. Morgan, founder of the major American bank that bears his name.

Dr. Jones writes that this gives the native a “special instinct for dealing with intangibles.”  And if esoterica is not “elusive” then there is not much that is.  A fixed cross, he continues, “irrevocably” links the native with an establishment, patterns of beliefs or age.

                                  Intercepted Houses

Crowley also has a few planets in his intercepted houses of Taurus in the tenth and Scorpio in the fourth.  We leave those aspects and how it affected his chart for your enlightenment.


The four departments are outlined in Marc Edmund Jones’s book Guide to Horoscope Interpretation, page 151.


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