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Robert Leo Hulseman was born on April 5, 1932, in Chicago. His father, Leo, founded Solo Cup in 1936; his mother was a singer who went by the name Dora Hall. As a teenager, he contracted polio, which affected the left side of his body and caused one leg to bered-solo-cups shorter than the other, this  was corrected by surgery.

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He attended Marquette University and served briefly in the Army. Hulseman started working in a Solo factory at age 18 and held various jobs, including purchasing. Later worked on developing the company’s plastics business, and he became company president in 198 and then ts chief executive and chairman.

“He knew plastics manufacturing like nobody,” said Paul Hulseman, who worked at the company with some of his siblings. “He built plants and machines and tooling.” From his obituary in the New York Times.

But it is his Red Solo Cup that everyone knows.  Country and Western  singer Toby Keith even wrote a ballad in its honor and so we at Sabian Earth are giving the man, the myth, the inventor, his due.


With 5 planets in the first house, Mr Hulseman has a strong fire and cardinal personality.  He is not one to wait for another person to give him the go-ahead, he will take each challenge up and make it happen to his own satisfaction, see his son’s Paul comment above.

This could have made him a virtual dictator in his environment except for that trine to Jupiter in his fifth house of creativity and children (13 Leo)  that probably made him a tough but devoted family man.   Those five planets are also quincunx, inconjunct, to his Neptune in his sixth house telling us his duty to work was very much entwined with himself and his family.  It was after all, originally a family owned business.  Hulseman took that seriously and his Yod with its apex at Saturn in the eleventh house, tells us how he ran his business was how he ran his family:  a stern, dutiful but fair. Most likely he did not have labour problems but instead loyal workers who liked working for Solo overall.

Temperament Type

Hulseman is a Bucket temperament type.  The Saturn Apex is also the handle to rather insular personality forcing him to be amiable and extroverted against his own makeup.  Hulseman did what was required of him because he felt responsibility was something that good and ennobling.  He was in that spirit, a good and honest, husband.  Mrs. Hulseman had little to worry about and they were a happily married couple though she probably would have liked him around the house more, in reality,  he would have been a difficult man to have in constant companionship, needing as he did a large territory to roam.

Sabian Symbols

Mr. Hulseman’s ascendant is 04 Aries, appropriately, a Group around a campfire with the keyword of Amiability.  Marc Edmund Jones writes that this degree is a “special skill” that allows Hulseman to bring together others in an effective structure.  His supporting other employees in developing their creativity is an obvious facet, as well as having his children experience different areas of the Solo world for them to find their own interests and abilities.

His ascendant is part of a massive stellium containing conjunctions to  Mars 02 Aries, the Moon, 10 Aries and his Part of Fortune, 11 Aries,  his Sun, 16 Aries, Uranus 20 Aries and finally Mercury ending this powerful stellium at 24 Aries. giving his creativity a powerful  single minded devotion that would have indeed made him a workaholic.

Sextile to his high focus Saturn, at 04 Aquarius 1   gives illustration to the symbol of a Hindu Healer who needs “to transcend the physicality of the body” and unite it with his soul  to create “two remarkable achievements”.

RIP, Mr. Hulseman.

1. The Sabian Symbols cited here and throughout this site are from the 1953 edition of Marc Edmund Jones’ text, The Sabian Symbols in Astrology, Sabian Publishing Society.  Look to Bookfinder for a copy.


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