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#16 Albert Victor, King Edward’s heir apparent

 download chart of Albert victor, prince of wales


albert victorPrince Albert Victor was the first born son of Albert Edward, Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) and Princess Alexandra of Denmark.  He would have followed his father’s steps to the throne of Great Britain had not fate intervened and prevented it.

Albert Victor was born at Frogmore House, Windsor, on 8th January 1864,  two months premature, weighing less than four pounds at birth.  The baby, named for the most part by grandmother Queen Victoria,  Albert Victor Christian Edward was christened in the private chapel of Buckingham Palace on 10th March 1864.

A brother, George Frederick Ernest Albert, followed shortly afterward on 3rd June 1865, and then three sisters, Princesses Louise (1867 – 1931), Victoria (1868 – 1935) and Maud (1869 – 1938) in succession. Princess Alexandra’s last child, another son, was  born and christened Alexander on 6th April 1871; he lived but a day.

The Prince Albert Victor was educated with his younger brother, George, who later became George V. albert_george  Queen Victoria appointed the Reverend John Neale Dalton as tutor to both boys but found Albert Victors interesting lacking that may have been in part because of his deafness, that he inherited from his mother.

A career in the navy was chosen for  Prince George, as the second son, but  Albert Victor accompanied him nevertheless aboard the Royal Navy’s training ship, HMS Britannia and they sailed the world.

When he returned, Albert Victor was enrolled at Cambridge to continue his schooling, but the second time fared no better than the first in its attempt.  Albert Victor was a regular bon vivant at Cambridge and scoffed at the lessons.  He was not very different than most of his upper class at the time shrugging off school but his tutoring coach said that he was not sure that the Prince had any understanding of complex thought.²


Birth data for prince Albert Victor per Alan Leo

Chart highlights

Alan Leo, Aleister Crowley and Marc Edmund Jones (#16 ) have the exact same map data for Albert Victor. As Mr. Leo’s is the oldest of the three books, we are crediting him with the find.

With a preponderance of northern planets in his chart, the Prince was a highly insular person.   He is both resourceful, relying upon the advantages of his father in the second house, and opportunistic using his native talents when necessary.  Probably a lazy fellow,  but cunning and very charming.  With Jupiter in his third house, he probably had the gift of proverbial silver tongue, as well as  being an elegant dresser and quite a ladies man.

During his life,  the London papers, reported that the Prince was an unsavory fellow, lazy, bisexual, and attended  lots of brothels both of men and women often going with his brother George, with whom he shared a whore.  There is a manuscript of that date,  that claims he married an Irish Roman Catholic girl who worked in a shop opposite the brothel that Jack the Ripper frequented and that they had a child named Alice Margaret. This was how one of the more remarkable stories about him came to being, that he was the Ripper.³  There is absolutely no credence of that based on his map.

                                                    Who marries who?

His Neptune in the 7th shows his duty towards his marital partner, which was first supposed to be his cousin Alexandra Victoria Helena Louise Beatrice, but Victoria’s sister Elizabeth who was married to Nicholas’s uncle Sergei,  was appalled as she did not like the Duke of Clarence, obviously repelled by the Fixed Star Sabik conjunct his Mars (typical in homosexual charts).

Elizabeth told the Queen that instead that they should pick the meek Mary of Teck as Alix was quite a favorite of the Royal family. That worked out well as well for England, as Alexandra married Nicholas Romanov and the Russian line got the haemophilia 4 and the English line descending from Mary and George, was spared but since Alix was problematic with the Russian populace and Mary was a little more obliging, perhaps it was a mistake.  Who knows?

As there was was no free choice on either part, those in the line of royal ascension rarely do.  His bride, Mary represented by forceful Aries, is more of a free spirit than he is — which proved to be the case as she married his brother, the future King George IV,  after he, her first assignee, died. The lord of that house, Mars, is found in the 4th house opposite the Uranus shows a wayward and defiant character that is opposite his Uranus in the 10th  To some degree, it would seem that Mary lived vicariously through his exploits and enjoyed them.

Mars, is found in the 4th house opposite the Uranus showing  a wayward and defiant character as it is opposite his Uranus 22.10 Gemini in the 10th  To some degree, it would seem that Mary lived vicariously through his exploits and enjoyed them.

True to his Sun in the fifth house, at  18 Capricorn, he was convivial & fond of amusements. His Mars though, is opposite the Part of Fatality hinting at virulent influenza epidemic that would take his life, and with two strong planets, Mars and generational planet  Uranus,  in tow, its lethfalness, and idiosyncrasy — striking some and not others.

                  Types & Lines

Prince Albert Victor has only one conjunction that of his Sun to his Moon, which Marc Edmund Jones calls the Line of Vitality.    This makes him a “Splash” temperament type and gives the Prince a tendency towards prodigality.  With so many planets though in the Northern hemisphere, it intensifies his introverted, non-social, disposition, making him good in group situations because he can play off others, but not so keen one on one where his foibles are easily noticed and so making him ill at ease.

Supposedly this Line also bestows good health, (though Alan Leo begs to differ) that definitely was not the case for the Prince and perhaps it is the opposite to the Arabian Part of Fatality that made the difference (Leo did not use any Arabian Parts).

The Line of Vitality is strengthened by his fifth house Sun as well as the Splash temperament type, that is a very humanistic oriented temperament, making him people and not book oriented; a flashy dresser with a very charismatic persona.

The other planetary pair that the Duke has is the Line of Personality, as Saturn (2nd house) and Jupiter (3rd) are semi-sextile.  Marc Edmund Jones writes that this gives a “strange and inexorable fatality of action” to the native’s life and illustrates the aspect with President Theodore Roosevelt’s chart showing his need to have a constant momentum in his life.  That was true for the Duke as well who shared TDR’s strong Line of Vitality.

                                       Sabian Symbols


Echteban, Persia (now

The Prince’s ascendant is 10 Virgo.  That symbol is Two Heads looking out and beyond the shadows, hinting towards his close friendship with his younger brother, George.  It’s ruler, Mercury,  is found in the 5th house of creativity, gambling and rabble-rousing at 7 Aquarius; and G. K. McClung’s Hyperion Symbols 2   posits that 10 Virgo  suggests an “excessive degree of anything. ”

In Aquarius,  Mercury takes on an experimental nature rather than a scholarly bent — Thos. Edison also has his Mercury there —   hence the  diffident comments by his schoolmasters.  The Ascendant is squared to his own Mercury at 04 Sagittarius and gets the images of “A shadow of the City of Ecbatan at dawn,” perhaps alluding to the King that he may have been.


On January 9th, the Duke of Clarence, who was spending the Christmas holidays with his parents at Sandringham, was attacked with influenza.  He had caught cold at the funeral of his cousin Admiral HSH Prince Victor Ferdinand Franz Eugen Gustaf Adolf Constantin Friedrich of Hohenlohe-Langenburg GCB, the son of Queen Victoria’s half sister,  during the Christmas holidays.

That cold, true to the Star Al Hecka 4 that fiery Martial star in Gemini, portends of inflammation in the lungs and conjunct Uranus suggests its idiosyncrasy of hitting one member and not another, but without Penicillin, yet to be invented by Sir Fleming for another fifty years, pneumonia historically has always been fatal.

Prince Albert Victor died shortly after his 28th birthday on  January 14, 1892, within a week of the day on which the news of his illness had first been released.  His mother never fully recovered, it was said at the time, that there was an extremely strong filial and maternal link between then and she continued to keep his room at Sandringham undisturbed the rest of her life.may2

He was buried at the Albert Memorial Chapel at Windsor Castle. The despondent Princess May laid her bridal wreath of sweet smelling orange blossoms upon the coffin in a touching tribute, perhaps echoing the “fields of rich red clover” found at his midheaven at Gemini 02.

His tomb, featured a recumbent effigy of the Prince in a Hussar, his military brigade,  uniform. The statuary is a magnificent example of Art Nouveau sculpture.  Pictures are  here.

After a suitable period of mourning, the Princess, with that beneficent Sun in her third house continued the goodwill of her relatives, and indeed she married the new heir apparent, Prince George, later to become King George V.  This couple are the grandparents of the current monarch, Queen Elizabeth II.


Prince’s Death Notice from Alan Leo

Leo on the Duke.png

Other Notables for the  Virgo 10 Ascendant

Prince Albert Victor shares an Ascendant with American/Israel designer Isaac Mizrahi, French writer Charles Baudelaire, painter Amedeo Modigliani, WKRP-actress Loni Anderson (ex wife of Burt Reynolds), comedian Peter Sellers.

Other Notables for 04 Venus

Buddhist Alan Watts, political writer Arthur Schlesinger, Jr, actor Derek Jacobi, French actor Jean Marais, actor Ryan Reynolds, father of photography Louis Daguerre, actor-director John Cassavetes, comedian Christopher Lloyd, activist Russell Means, actor Jeffrey Hunter, actor Pat O’Brien, spaceman Edward White


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    1. In Crowley’s book  General Principles of Astrology c. 1927 originally co-written with Miss Evangeline Adams , the horoscope is Chart #8. pg. 602.
    2. In Marc Edmund Jones “The Sabian Symbols” c. 1953 the chart is #16
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  3. D.M. Potts, “Queen Victoria’s Gene: haemophilia and the royal family” c.1999. London: Sutton Publishing. It is available here in paperback.
  4. Al Hecka  is unfavorable for one’s career & tells of parental disharmony which had to be the case with his antics always in the London Daily News.  It also portends sudden death from air borne mechanisms because according to Ptolemy it takes on the deadly poignancy of a Mars attack.


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